Living Techno Selects

Hello peeps, we invite you to listen and download our fresh and innovative podcast 'Living Techno Selects', in which basically we will select episode by episode the most special tracks according to our criteria, of the releases we talk about in Living Techno every day. 

Join us in every episode and we guarantee an outstanding choice of techno, hard, industrial and modern tracks, selected and mixed in a 1-hour Dj set that will be in charge of the editor, Luis Mendizabal.

Episode 1.

The first episode of LTS sees a set of dynamic techno tracks with very dark, banging and energetic sounds. 

The last months we saw many very interesting and powerful releases; the selection for this chapter focuses a lot on Berlin techno, basic, fast, with surrounding dark atmospheres... that's why we include recent released tracks from great producers like Joel Mull & Heiko Laux, Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit, Hans Bouffmyhre, Roel Salemink, Robert S (PT), Rhys Fulber, Traversable Wormhole, DJ Shufflemaster, Paula Cazenave, Axel Karakasis, Moving Thoughts, Stephan Krus, Surge and Niño Árbol.

Enjoy our special selection in this well crafted one hour mix. 


1.   Joel Mull & Heiko Laux - French Quiz
2.   Mark Broom & Discrete Circuit - MBDC
3.   Hans Bouffmyhre - Crossbow
4.   Roel Salemink - Item Zero
5.   Robert S (PT) - Ditador (Original Mix)
6.   Rhys Fulber - Fission (Traversable Wormhole Remix)
7.   DJ Shufflemaster - Esplendor (Paula Cazenave Remix)
8.   Axel Karakasis - Poised Suspicion (Original Mix) 
9.   Moving Thoughts - Atol
10. Stephan Krus - Horopter
11. Surge - Attending (Original Mix) 
12. Niño Árbol - Voyage

DOWNLOAD (mp3 -  47.6 MB)

Reviews and articles made for the tracks selected in this episode of Living Techno Selects.

Until next episode my friends, enjoy life and techno music.