Living Techno Podcast

You are welcome to listen to Living Techno Podcast, a space where episode by episode we will invite djs and producers to share their DJ sets or Livesets specially made for this podcast series.

The episodes will feature 50 - 60 minutes electronic music mixes, The theme of the podcast does not require defined genres or styles, only the skills and original style of the artist who shares with us a good session or a good mix, where the good taste and concept of electronic music shine.

Episode 2. 

Welcome back, to another episode of the renovated Living Techno Podcast. For this chapter, we have a special guest, it's Gabo García, a DJ and Producer born and based in Guatemala City.

He is sharing a 1-Hour dj set full of hypnotic beats and avant-garde electronic sounds flowing into a dark atmosphere of techno, all without dismissing a groovy side that goes really well all over the mix. 

Enjoy the session, and stay tuned for more. 



Name: Living Techno Podcast 002 - Gabo Garcia.mp3
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Episode 1.

For this episode of the renovated Living Techno Podcast, the Guatemalan DJ surprises us with a 45-minute mix that denotes a very fine selection of what we catalog as techno music in its essence... Continue reading the original post.

Name: Living Techno Podcast 001 - LuisFer Leal (Mladen Tomic Special).mp3
Size: 43.25 MB