About Us

Welcome to Living Techno. A techno music movement going beyond!

Music, we blog about that, clean and simple.

The main reason for creating this blog, is people, people and their taste for techno music. We choose to listen techno music all day long, so we can give the best content to our dear readers.

We love to feel and stay in contact with all kinds of sounds, especially when it comes to house and techno music. We know that there is a very wide range of sub genres, so we dedicate ourselves to share that... new sounds, new artists, and above all, a new concept of sound and rhythm. Join us on this trip and together we will re-create the electronic scene and explore its various horizons.

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We are also the creators of "The Living Techno Project", a space fully dedicated to music. We have decided to start a project willing to select and provide a monthly list of tracks that promise according to their style, a unique musical quality outbreak. This is the official Living Techno track selection of the month, and we hope you will find new sounds and concepts to explore.