Podcast: LT_08 - Ossifer

The time has come for another episode of the infamous Living Techno Podcast, this is chapter number eight featuring a Mix by Max Mira aka Ossifer.

Ossifer is a Dj and Producer from Montreal, Canada, he is also Manager at Nonrecs, and as an artist, he describes his work as music for raves and rituals. For the occasion, he is delivering a very nice Dj set full of pure, energetic industrial techno tracks, inspired by warehouses raves and massive sound systems. 

Hope you enjoy it.


1. Mascon - Flitzer
2. Scalameriya & VSK - Arise
3. Cassegrain - First Words
4. A.Morgan - Social Wasters
5. Scalameriya & VSK - Melting
6. Takaaki Itoh - Killing
7. D. Dan - Mutant Future
8. FUERR - Borderline
9. Ghost In The Machine - Pile Driver
10. INTERFERON - Fraud (Draugr Remix)
12. Riesenfeld - Auto Self
13. Fractions - Hive Mind
14. Tommers - The Gift
15. British Murder Boys - Don't Give Way To Fear
16. Uun - Zealots & Disciples
17. Hioll - HAV1239
18. Keepsakes - Alkaloid State (Digital Bonus Tune)
19. Lars Huismann - Shape of You
20. Unknown Artist - Nouvelle (Year's End)
21. Aleksi Perälä - UK74R1512130 (Ossifer Edit)

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