Jeff Mills introduces the techno scene into the fields of metaphysical séance with his new album titled 'The Clairvoyant'.

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Review: With genuine cuts of pure music, Jeff Mills presents his new album of 15 tracks 'The Clairvoyant' that features nothing but only avant-garde electronic music combined with Jazz, Techno, Experimental sounds, Metaphysics and Spiritualism, all this elements make this LP a sound journey from another galaxy, which must be heard from beginning to end. I must say that with this album, Jeff Mills gives us a class on how to produce music, in an extraordinary way. Amazing.

Something really pleasant is investigating, following, and above all, enjoying the creativity and perseverance that is behind the work of a legend like Jeff Mills. Definitely in the world scene of electronic music, this man is the only one capable of achieving something like what he has been doing with his late releases.

Now, we are here again, talking about another extraordinary upcoming album on his mighty Axis label. The new release is a 15- track + 1 only digital (3 x Vinyl) LP that has been titled 'The Clairvoyant', and is set to be released on February 26th, 2021.

With this album, Jeff Mills introduces the techno scene into the fields of metaphysical séance. This production is so extraordinary, that comes with precise instructions on how to be listened to. Below, find the full story commented on by Jeff Mills himself.

Jeff Mills comments on 'The Clairvoyant':

“There are many ways to imagine the future. One might be to look back in the past to see what has similarities to what we are seeing today. Another way might be to invent and build a time machine to jettison ahead in time to get a glimpse. And, one way might be to use our natural senses to feel what the future might be like. Though all are intriguing to explore, this album is about the latter option.

We are a species of human animals and we are guided by the ways of “knowing” from feeling; by the ways of intuition, premonitions and sensing. Each one of us are born with this special tool set that tells us when the time is right, when enough is enough and when there may be more or less to it. It has been these skills that has allowed humanity to survive and flourish for thousands of years. It is also safe to say that we do not know all there is to know about this skill.

A Clairvoyant is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact. 100 years around 1920, a person with such abilities that could summon, speak to the decease and spirits were in high demand due to post World War I battle casualties, the Spanish Flu virus pandemic of 1918, the social and civil unrest and many more events that made uncertainty the norm. Ironically, the we were doomed to repeat some of these events and what we’re experiencing today. The general impression of Clairvoyant was that of a conductor of faux hope, scam artist that preys on grief and desperation or someone that believes in their natural ability a bit too much! In many cases, this might have credit, but also, it was this person, with this way of supposedly channeling the beyond that gave people hope, optimism, resolve and much needed closure.

The album plays in the way of a metaphysical séance and should be listened to in a darkened, candle lit room. A silent space, free of outside noise, chatter or talking and other visual distractions. The album should be listened in full – from beginning to end”. - Jeff Mills

Cover Artwork.

Artist. Jeff Mills
Title: The Clairvoyant
Format: 3 x Vinyl, Digital
Label: Axis
Release date: February 26th, 2021


01. The Séance
02. Psuedoscience
03. Second Sight
04. Someone Who Feels Things
05. Calling All Loved Ones
06. Shadow With A Golden Aurra
07. I Feel A Presence
08. Three Signs From The Other Side_ Sign 1
09. Three Signs From The Other Side_ Sign 2
10. Three Signs From The Other Side_ Sign 3
11. Questions Decisions And Consequences
12. The Feeling Anything Is Possible
13. Dancing Shadows
14. Ganzfeld Experiments
15. The Spirit World
16. From The Mind’s Eye (digital bonus)

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