John Digweed presents his forthcoming 'QUATTRO II' mixed LP featuring some of electronic music’s most exciting producers.

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Originally hailing from England John Digweed has long since cemented his name in the pages of dance music history, and became a living legend. 

His music and his personality have traveled the world transcending cultures and concepts. His djing and production sound of him has practically become its own genre ... if you're not an avid follower of dance music but are tuned into popular culture at all you've likely experienced music touched by the hands of John Digweed. That's it.

Of course this kind of stories never reach the end, as John Digweed continues to showcase his unparalleled work ethic with the announcement of his forthcoming QUATTRO II mixed LP, the follow-up to his immensely successful QUATTRO compilation that was released in April 2020.

QUATTRO II is broken down into four parts — the first being Soundscape, which features atmospherically entrancing ambient textures and synths. Tempo champions a melodically driving acid sound, while Redux boasts a feel-good house. Lastly, Juxtaposition is mixed by German stalwart Robert Babicz, delivering an album full of futuristic electronica and ambient textures.

With clubland on hold since March, Digweed reached out to his favorite producers and began working on the new offering. The 4-disc project is packed to the brim with new, unreleased tracks from some of electronic music’s most exciting producers. QUATTRO II will be available worldwide on February 26th, 2021, and with CD and vinyl orders already exceeding demand, fans are encouraged to pre-order their limited edition signed copies now, exclusively via the Bedrock website.

Also Digweed has cherry-picked 20 tracks from the album and pressed them into a limited-edition 5 x vinyl set housed in a beautifully designed sleeve that he personally numbered and signed. Slated for global release on February 23rd, 2021, avid Bedrock fans and eager listeners can now pre-order signed limited editions of both the CD and vinyl exclusively via Bedrock’s website, while supplies last: 

The distinctive packaging follows on from the last Album and our Award Nominated "Last Night at Output” release designed by MD and comes with a special die cut slipcase, box, wallets, CD all combining to create the layers of a vortex. The album spans 4 compact discs with sleeve notes included in an 8 page booklet.

All with a high gloss finish. Definitely one for the collectors! Limited edition signed and numbered only available on Bedrock Shop. Stay tuned. 

Cover Artwork.



1. Acid Rockers - Exploring Delta Dub
2. Stelios Vassiloudis - Alone
3. Betical - Icon - Reincarnation
4. Hannes Bieger feat. Juan Hansen - Burn Your Love - Synthapella
5. Satoshi Fumi & Ian O'Donovan - Rising - Ambient Mix
6. Josh Wink - “New Years Day Acid” (Beat-less reprise)
7. Guy Mantzur & Khen - My Golden cage ( Kasper Koman 6AM reprise)
8. Satoshi Fumi - Manis - Firmament Mix
9. Lopezhouse - Long Rain
10. Luke Brancaccio, Gai Barone & Kiki Cave - We Live Electric - Dub Mix
11. Dave Walker - Embrace
12. Coloursound - Fly With Me - T_Mo & Luke Brancaccio Downtempo Remix
13. Quivver - Nothing New To Feel - No Beats Mix


1. Stelios Vassiloudis - Rust - Breaks Mix
2. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Forge - Kohra Remix
3. Tigerhook Presents Randall Jones - Beautiful Thang - Bushwacka Remix
4. Science Dept. - Persuasion - Chris Fortier Remix
5. Bedrock - Beautiful Strange - Lost Desert Remix
6. Guy Mantzur & Khen - My Golden Cage - Kasper Koman 6AM Remix
7. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Stand Still - Lopezhouse Remix
8. Emerson, Digweed, Muir - Tracer - Ian O'Donovan Dawn Mix
9. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Raise - Quivver Remix
10. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite - Satoshi Fumi Remix
11. Miles Atmospheric feat: The Apparition - Calling You Out - Josh Wink Paradise Dub
12. Quivver - Don't Say Anything - Skanna Remix


1. John Digweed & Nick Muir - Stand Still
2. Buraki - Green Lake
3. EdOne feat Martin Herrs & Santanamusique - Morning Flight
4. Remcord - Soul Plane
5. Dino Lenny - Sweet Paranoia
6. Acid Rockers - Exploring Delta Nine
7. Mono Electric Orchestra - Space Bass
8. Dino Lenny - Dance The Blues
9. Blaktone & Florian Kruse - Saat
10. Coloursound - Fly With Me - Luke Brancaccio & Nolan Remix
11. Jim Rivers - Aster
12. Aubrey Fry - Hard
13. Robert Babicz - Ani

Juxtaposition - Robert Babicz

1. Free Fall
2. Pur Pur
3. Wonderforest
4. Bizzarre Color Bending
5. Walking With Closed Eyes
6. Focus On The Light
7. Resonance
8. Water Mirrors
9. Love Tree
10. Future City
11. World Of Distance
12. Violett Nights

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