Review: Adam X's LP titled 'Acid Archives 92-94' must have your attention.

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Review: Starting from a very bold and authentic line following the sound coming from the early 90s, Adam X with his 'Acid Archives 92-94 LP' puts out nine tracks full of dark, industrial techno and acid music at its fines. Filled with sci fi sounds and rave loops all over the tracks backgrounds, this tracks sended me directly to a rave back in the 90s, you know, its early in the morning and the music is going faster and faster... youall know where this is going. Brilliant album!

Just released this month of september via L.I.E.S., Adam X's LP titled 'Acid Archives 92-94' must have your attention. You know Adam’s approach facilitated acid techno’s dominance in the early to mid nineties and he nearly single handedly put the Industrial and EBM Techno cross-over genres on the contemporary map. 

Well, be prepared for a heavy ass dessert, as many of the tracks released in this album had previously appeared on cutting edge labels such as Di- rect Drive, Drop Bass Network and Magnetic North, who were all spearheading the sound at the time, we also get two unreleased cuts from the vaults, plus a rare collab with Thomas Heckmann.

Back then the goal was simple- to push the limits of this fresh sound, and see how far they could actually go with their 303s; this music now filling warehouses and clubs worldwide. The eleven tracks on this record undoubtedly take rave-extremity to new heights whilst keeping the integrity (and brutality) of the music intact and the crowd in a frenzy.

Regardless authentic music, trends come and go as we have seen, unlike many, Brooklyn-born Adam X isn‘t one to follow trends, but rather set them. Now entering his 30th year of DJing and 25th year running his Sonic Groove label much of the world of dance music has come full circle since Adam started back in 1990. With that said there was no better time to explore his vast back catalog then the present as it‘s all the more relevant right now.

As many younger contemporary techno djs have taken to the faster, harder, stronger route as of late, this was par for the course back in 1992, where this compilation begins. What we have here is a collection of formative psychedelic acid tracks specifically made for the raves that were happening all over the world at the time.

Guaranteed to destroy the club as much now as they did in back 1992. Tracks remastered at Dadub Mastering.

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Adam X
Title: Acid Archives 92-94
Label: L.I.E.S.
Format: EP
Release Formats: 2xLP
Release Date: September 3rd, 2020
Cat. No. LIES-152
Distribution: Bandcamp
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A1. X-Heart-Electropolis
A2. X-Heart-Peaking Toms
A3. Adam X-Faces of Death
B1. Adam X-Octane Propellant
B2. Adam X-Unreleased Acid from 1994
B3. Adam X-Chemical Spill
C1. Adam X-What‘s That
C2. Adam X-House of Horror
C3. Adam X vs. ADSX-Acid Over Wiesbaden
D1. X-Crash-Urban Bass
D2. Trope vs. X-Crash-Morgue

Cover photo credits: Artistimage Adam by Marie Staggat

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