Julia Bondar transcends in every sense with her mesmerizing 'Industrial Symphony' LP.


There is something really special about Julia Bondar, Ukrainian born, Barcelona based electronic music artist, singer, and songwriter. Each time she produces something, her music transcend barriers of sound and take us to places where we definitely haven't been before. Personally we couldn't stop chasing that sort of talent since we discover and talked about her release 'I Want Forbidden EP', at the beginning of 2020. 

And here we are again, amazed by the 7 new original cuts that conforms Julia Bondar's new album titled 'Industrial Symphony' to be out on Vinyl and Digitally trough Endorphin.es Production on September. 

There are no words to describe this enormous LP, as Julia said, this records is "a tribute to today‘s cultural spirit and love for synthetic sounds; a blend of techno rhythms and dark pop; a modern symphony that calls to a dance floor. "

"During the past 3 years of releasing my music, I -Julia- slowly came to understand how much modular synthesizers liberate and ease the life of composers/performers. This thought was confirmed after I read the interview with Hans Zimmer in the ‘Patch & Tweak’ book by Kim Bjørn:

“Scoring with the modular started out because Hans could not afford to pay real musicians and to get more voices he just needed to add more oscillators and filters. Though, he jokes that it is cheaper to feed a bunch of oscillators that a bunch of musicians.” Hans Zimmer in Patch & Tweak: „It was enough voices to do the stuff that was going on in my head. I grew up in a very traditional German music tradition and the thing I could not understand was why orchestras were not expanding their sound palette by including more synthesizers.”

"We all know the roots of modern music come from the classical compositions of big names like Beethoven, Satie, Mozart, etc. However, the culture is changing and our ears are being trained for a new synthetic sound. This is where the modern spirit brings us. When you are united with the machines they play according to your mood: sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce. While I was recording the tracks for ‘Industrial Symphony’, I was able to extract very orchestral sounds from my modular synth system. That was the moment when I realized that my modular is my orchestra and I am the conductor."

Tracks description. 

Strength In Softness’ preaches the need for a society which centres on the power of kindness and dismantling of the patriarchy. The track comprises an ironically imperfect distorted sound and a detuned melody which is reflective of the power being stripped away from societal norms. 

Fire’ is the brainchild of a powerful collaboration between Bondar and the acclaimed instrumentalist, songwriter, performer, sound designer, and composer Nero Bellum hailing from Los Angeles. Having bonded over their mutual adoration for gothic industrial music, the duo presents us with this awe-inducing track that sends chills down your spine with an up-tempo serpentine melody and sinister mechanical sounds that echo in the background. 

Running With The Wolves’ plays with tensions and leads us into a race between musical moments that challenge each other for attention. As the first track Bondar recorded for this album, it is symbolic of the importance of embracing competition and seeking motivation from being up against the strongest competitors in the pack in order to succeed in life and in the music industry. 

Power Of Presence’ introduces itself with an energetic concoction of bellowing noises and relentless drones, and a series of scintillating percussions grab the attention as the track develops, representing Bondar’s desire to awaken confidence in her audience and the power of the artist to control the energy in the environment of their listeners.

Overflowing’ begins with an impending sense of mystery and hopefulness, the energy builds as different sounds enter the scene and the groove of the miasmic melody implores you to indulge in that hesitant belief that good things are overflowing in your life. 

Best Intentions’ bears an evolving and highly invigorating melody, which is reminiscent of an innocent human being beginning with lightness and purity and then embracing a hint of darkness, all the while maintaining their best intentions.

Inner’ acts as the ultimate subdued outro to round off this intoxicating record. A sombre slow melody plays over a reverberating base drone and gentle chugging rhythm, which is representative of Bondar’s notion that darkness is not necessarily inherently malevolent but rather it emulates the importance of the deepness that lies within us. 

Julia Bondar has amazed once again with another show-stopping record that delivers her signature industrial sounds while invoking a level of thought in her listeners that imprints on the soul, demonstrating her innate ability to manipulate her modular system to create ever-evolving musical concepts in new territory. 

"Direct your symphony and feel the liberty of self-expression. Do not play on the safe side. My symphony is industrial..." - Julia Bondar.

Endorphin.es Production will release 'Industrial Symphony' on September 16th, 2020 (Vinyl & Digital). Stay tuned. This may be the album of the year! 

Cover Artwork.

Artist: Julia Bondar
Label: Endorphin.es Production
Title: Industrial Symphony
Format: Album
Release Format: Vinyl, Digital
Release Date: September 16th, 2020 (Vinyl & Digital)
Cat. No. JB04
Distribution: Record Union, TuneCore
Domain: www.endorphin.es


01. Strength in Softness
02. Fire (feat Nero Bellum)
03. Running With The Wolves
04. Power Of Presence
05. Overflowing
06. Best Intentions
07. Inner

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