Pleasurekraft deliver more cosmic techno in Kraftek with his upcoming 'Binaries EP' in collab with Beico & Mt93 and The Yellowheads.

Hello techno community, its time to recommend another techno release. For this occasion, we reach out some interesting tunes in Kraftek recordings, a label runned out by Pleasurekraft, and a label that is responsible and can say they are the original purveyors of the Cosmic Techno style.

So, from the Cosmos to techno music, Kraftek presents "Binaries EP", a two track EP that has a lot of energy and of course, techno. For this record, label heads Pleasurekraft made up very interesting collaborations. 

The first track was created in collabs with Argentinian Kraftek regulars Beico & Mt93, the track has been entitled "A6 454" and its really good, very sci-fi and with dramatic techno melodies. 

But the review isn't over, this release also features a second track by Pleasurekraft in collaboration with spanish producers The YellowHeads. They describe it as a "heavy, brooding, melodic, and ethereal techno music.

Release date is up to November 1st, 2019 on Beatport. Stay tuned and read below for full details. 

Techno Cave premiered Beico & Mt93, Pleasurekraft - A6 454 track on Soundcloud, listen up: 

Overview. Label heads Pleasurekraft first release since this summer's massive chart-topping "Space Date" remix is a thick double slice of Cosmic Techno.  First up the collaboration with Argentinian Kraftek regulars Beico & Mt93, "A6 454", a subtle reference for those up on their sci-fi cinema game, followed by a second a-side (were this any other release), this one with Spanish producers The YellowHeads. Heavy, brooding, melodic, and ethereal, this is textbook Cosmic Techno.

Cover Artwork.

Artists. Beico & Mt93, Pleasurekraft, The YellowHeads
Title. Binaries EP
Label. Kraftek
CAT#. KTK069
Release date. November 1st, 2019


1. Pleasurekraft, Beico & Mt93 - A6 454 Original Mix
2. Pleasurekraft, The YellowHeads - Prison Planet Original Mix


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