MIX: Living Techno Project 017

Its that time again, The Living Techno Project has released another episode of the infame podcast, the number seventeen (17), this time to start believing in pure and hypnotic deep techno music. 

The chapter continues and it's time to relax and be one with the time and space, music would be doing the rest. As usual the one hour mix begins with a chilled but deep version of techno, calm tribal sounds and intense bass drops. As the set is going, it reaches some progressive house grooves and deeper techno sound combined with a minimalistic and hypnotic rhythms that would get you lost in the sound of the tropics. 

Artist. The Living Techno Project
Title. The Living Techno Project 017
Release date. April 15, 2019.
Source: WEB
Duration: 1:23:27
Format. MP3
Label. Living Techno.


1. Q-Burns Abstract Message - Tremble
2. Denis Rodd - Break Off (Original Mix)
3. Aquatech - I'm Not Ready (Afro Tech mix)
4. Anton Jay - Relentless (Original Mix)
5. Q-Burns Abstract Message - Dark Roots (Magick version)
6. Cid Inc.- Turning Pages (Original Mix) 
7. Erol Alkan - Spectrum (Baris K remix)
8. Huxley - Weirdest Green
9. Goom Gum - Hambone (Original mix)
10. Christian Hornbostel - Aftermath (Original Mix)
11. Maksim Dark - Believer (Original Mix)
12. Martin Eyerer, Ackermann - Linearity (Original Mix)
13. Maksim Dark - Kinetics (Original Mix)
14. Medu - Dirty Jam (Original Mix)
15. Bode V - Mad Bird (original mix)
16. Paul Parsons - Simple & Good (original mix)

Photo by Gavin Watson. from the article: Thatcher's War on Acid House. Available on: https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/8gvp5x/margaret-thatcher-war-on-rave-acid-house-boys-own

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