The Californian JX-216 presents its upcoming high energy banger techno release on Ascetic Limited.

Introducing new music, US based artist, JX-216 (aka Milkplant, Justin William Pennell) is originally from the Midwest; but has lived in Oakland, California since 2010. He has previous releases on big labels like Planet Rhythm, Wall Music, Dark Net, Etichetta Nera, From 0-1, and Excise.

Now its time for him to present his little introduction to Ascetic Limited, whos proud to announce JX-216's upcoming EP entitled 'Yuba', basically a track described as a high energy banger techno track fullyfied with hypnotic elements and a spacey atmosphere sounds. The release would be out on November 23rd, 2018 via Ascetic Limited.

Listen to ASCETIC00Y - JX-216 - Yuba EP [PREVIEWS]:

Overview: Ascetic Limited is proud to present an artist that needs little introduction, JX-216, also known as Milkplant. San Francisco based JX-216 has been pushing US techno for 10+ years through his label From 0-1. He‘s recently released on Gary Beck‘s BEK audio, Sub TL, and Rheostatus and shows no signs of slowing down. 
To start the EP, JX-216 displays his signature sounds for the title track Yuba, a high energy banger with hypnotic elements and a spacey atmosphere. Next, Los Angeles based Secus provides his groovy, percussion driven inter- pretation of Yuba. Crawl then takes us on a more experimental journey while maintaining a solid kick and bassline. Lastly, VxxDxx Drums nishes the EP strong with a deep and driving techno track that will create a great vibe on any dance oor.
Cover Artwork.

Label. Ascetic Limited 
Artist. JX-216 
Title. Yuba 
Remixer. Secus 
Format. Digital 
Cat.Number. ASCETIC00Y 
Release Date. November 23rd, 2018 
Distribution. Labelworx 


01. Yuba 
02. Yuba (Secus Remix)
03. Crawl 
04. VxxDxx Drums

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