MIX OF THE DAY: Deeperfect Radio Show 069 W/ Hito.

Hot picks in what is a beautiful and carefully selection of tracks, now i understand the phrase: "Hito's set serves as a Techno church for all to pay homage". I am grateful to share as the mix of the day, the Deeperfect Radio Show 069 with a marvelous mix by Hito.

Note. This is a very usefully tracklist for any who likes a pretty good and quality sound in their sets.

Listen to Deeperfect Radio Show 069 with Hito:

Cover Artwork.


1.Midori Hirano - October (original mix)
2.Raul Facio - Little to none (original mix)
3.Stefano Noferini - anytime (original mix)
4.Umberto Pagliaroli - Emoticon (original mix)
5.Background- Plasticized (original mix)
6.Leonardo Gonnelli - xxxx
7.Aney F. - There was a time
8.George Adi - On Top (original mix)
9.HITO x DJ Dep - Mama Napoli (original mix)
10.Johnny Trika - Fire up (original mix)
11.Ingrid - Redlight (original mix)
12.Mamin - Firewall (original mix)
13.Martin Books - Tricky (original mix)
14.Toru Ikemoto - FFFFFFFFFFuyo (original mix)
15.Shawnecy - Unnamed (original mix)

Press pic by: Jordi Cervera 

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