Podcast: PoleGroup Radio - Svarog

Hello, i just discovered this Ukrainian techno warrior, a real one. I recommend you to hook up to the PoleGroup radio monthly podcast, this month featuring Svarog in the mix. 

Svarog is a young talented producer from Lviv in Ucrania, in this time he shows up at PoleGroup and delivers 1 hour of a home studio recorded trippy and deep live set reflecting his latest and future releases on Affin, Dynamic refection, Northalssen, Black String and Animal Farm, i have to say it, i need to get those tracks...

"Svarog is a representative of Ukrainian techno scene. This name for the project was inspired by ancient mythology. He prefers undeground techno sound in their work. Svarog combines saturated timbres, industrial sound and atmospheric textures, often uses broken rhythms. He inspired by mountains and architecture."

Listen Svarog´s recorded live set for PoleGroup Radio monthly podcast for October:

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