Edit Select take controls over Outis Podcast Series #004

We just found a pretty heavy and dark experimental set, a mixture of deep sounds and banging techno beats, It's the turn of Tony Scott a.k.a Edit Select to take controls over the edition #004 of Outis Podcast Series... he's just the right men for this job, we cant say more, you need to hit the play button and start having a trip with some heavy ass music... priceless! 

Podcast Info:
Edit Select
Welcome to the fourth episode of this podcast series in which I have the pleasure of hosting a Scottish friend “Tony Scott a.k.a Edit Select”with whom I'm sharing some projects including the next Outis release “Mnemosyne EP”which will be released on 16/ 05/ 2014.To lighten these days of waiting I was able to convince Tony to delight us with a mix and it seems that it has succeeded well with him.
Thank you Tony.

Artist: Edit Select
Title: Outis Podcast Series #004
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Podcast
Rls date: March 2014


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