Positive Merge brings proper Techno to Erratic Podcast #51

if we talk about is something of your own, definitely Positive Merge owned this exellent 2 hour mix made exclusivly for Erratic Podcast episode #051. Caught my attention the quality of music you hear in this mix, not particularly popular techno, unique and special sounds get involved in this great podcast, so we're not talking more about this, live the experience and enjoy positive merge in the mix...

After our landmark episode two weeks ago, we are back featuring underrated, underground talent, this time with POSITIVE MERGE for episode #:51. Hailing from Ukraine, he has being active deejaying for over a decade and producing his take on techno for the latter half, releasing on Gynoid, Par and Android, to name a few. His style is dark with hints of minimal, and this is exactly what he did just for us in these next 2 hours of driving, trippy techno. Enjoy!

Erratic is comprised of a small team of passionate curators hosting proper Techno parties in New York City.

Artist: Positive Merge
Title: Erratic Podcast #051
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Rls date: 09.09.2013
Type: set


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