Xhin take the controls over Erratic Podcast 50th episode.

Very original and unique as always, been one of the most influence artists in the  modern techno scene, Xhin seems to really know what mad and dark techno sound we like to hear. no doubt the 50th edition of Erratic Podcast have an commemorative episode, because Erratic is finally reaching the coveted number 50 of an very exiting podcast full of the finest techno artists selection, in addition to that there is no more to say that recommend you this extraordinary mix by xhin, "(pronounced as "sheen") has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997. Building a forte in sound design, he is best described as a sound futurist. His identical rhythmic structure and compositional techniques which incorporate elements of techno, tight sub bass, ambient and IDM delivers a hint of chaotic soundscape amidst artistry. A Singaporean by birth and residence, he independently released "Xycle", a self-promotional ep that made the industry to stand up to take notice, in early 2003. He then followed with his debut album, "Supersonicstate" the following year."

After 2 years and forty-nine episodes of exclusive mixes, ranging from the amazing to the classic, the Erratic Podcast reaches its 50th episode showcasing one of the most creative and innovate figures in techno today, XHIN. We are humbled to have him as the guest of honor on this milestone and proud to present this superlative mix he put together for us. Not much needs to be said about him other than being one of the core artists and driving forces behind Stroboscopic and Token, we are truly honored to feature his unique sound and eclectic artistry on this commemorative episode. Enjoy!

Artist: Xhin
Tittle: Erratic Podcast #050
Source: WEB
Genre: Techno
Rls date: 21.08.2013
Type: Dj Set

1. Flare - Nervewrench
2. ? - AnD
3. N.d - Reversion of One
4. Shackleton - In The Void
5. Xhin - Projection
6. Luis Ruiz - The Tree Of Life - Oscar Mulero Remix
7. Silence of Space - Magnetosphere of Saturn
8. Kessell - Graviton - Substance Remix
9. Near - Heart Object - Ducerey Ada Nexino Remix
10. Coefficient - Intrinsic Vector Part 2
11. Abstract Division - Fierce Tension
12. Surgeon - Shaper of the Unknown
13. Reeko - Blueshift
14. Avantgarde Structure - Time To Diskonnekt
15. Stingrays - Relativity In One
16. D. Carbone - Abuse - Go Hiyama Remix
17. Phil Kieran, Green Velvet - Free Yourself - Xhin Remix
18. Leftfield - Snakeblood
19. Violetshaped - cX310 - JK Flesh Reshape
20. Radial - NYE
21. The Blunted Boy Wonder - Model T
22. Operator - Fearless
23. Autechre - Accelera 1 & 2
24. Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson - John Kronk

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PICTURE BY:K Hon Photography | www.ngkhon.com

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