Staffan Linzatti delivers the techno madness on BALANS Podcast.

For us is a new sound, The Swedish scifi producer Staffan Linzatti delivers a serious package of deep and spatial techno variation of sounds. during the whole 67 minutes LIVE PA you would enjoy a unique and very original sound, featuring some experimental techno sounds involved in a very deep atmosphere that carries a very energetic field of pleasure sounds...

Something about Staffan Linzatti:
Inspired by watching people on the move, Staffan constantly tries to push his own limits.
"Watching people at a café or sitting by a busy street reminds me of how little time we have, and that future is always upon us".

Staffan can conjure inspiration from, what seems to be anything that is constructed with the creative minds of other people. His passion for electronic must is deeply rooted in his perfectionist's mind.
The drive towards obliterating boundaries and developing new forms and structures in sound is not only a way for him to express his creativity, but also this funtions as therapy for Staffan.

"I love to hear and watch things that are hard to recognize, whether that being a sound or an image. Working in the studio helps me clear my head".
This effacement of thought enables a fresh start, and pave ways for new ideas for Staffan.

We got a very special podcast from our friend and BALANS artist Staffan Linzatti. The Swedish scifi producer send us a 67 minute LIVE PA instead of a DJ mix wich literally blew us away. His 'View From The Collapsing Centre EP' is off course featured in the liveset as well as material from his own Searchlights and a whole heep of unreleased material. He will perform live at our BALANS event on september the 20th @ Melkweg Amsterdam and you can expect more from Staffan on the label in the future!

Artist: Staffan Linzatti
Tittle: BALANS 033
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set
Rls date: 20.08.2013


In Search...

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