REVIEW: Loco & Jam "Shark Tank EP" on MB Elektronics Recordings.

Loco & Jam "Shark Tank EP" including a very sick remix from Markantonio is out Today at Beatport on Marco Bailey's MB Elektronics Recordings. Now that Loco & Jam are on fire, we recommend you to get now this release full of serious techno sounds,  Nero (Original Mix), The first track is a bomb from beginning to end, a track made ​​with a lot of energy, dark sounds, resonant and heavy until the sharp percussion sound start to leave no doubt will make you move, body soul and mind will feel the deep bass and strong atmosphere these track brings, Full of techno. Shark Tank (Original Mix), The second track in MB Elektronics Recordings words are described as "the track begins smoothly with nice deep atmospheric drums and some humming sounds in the foreground." we feel in this track a resemblance with the first bomb of this EP "Nero", but these one certainly has something hidden, "Shark Tank" feels like a contour more techno, more intense, with many more abstract sounds that give life to the track, a masterpiece of the dancefloor no doubt, and to close with a flourish this EP, one of our favorites, Markantonio hits Shark Tank with a massive remix including dark drums, deep rumbling basslines and many melodic sounds accompanied with a deep atmosphere of techno, makantonio's style. 

Release Info:
Loco and Jam are on fire and they deliver a full of techno sounds EP on MB Elektronics. First is the original mix of 'Nero'. The track begins smoothly with nice deep drums and some humming atmospheric sounds in the foreground. Next on is the remix by Markantonio which begins with some dark drums. The deep rumbling bassline features some melodic riffs. Closing this EP is 'Shark Tank'. The hats gaining intensity as twisted effects are all over the place creating a massive track.
Artist: Loco & Jam
Remixer: Markantonio
Title: Shark Tank EP
Release date: 19.08.2013
Label: MB Elektronics Recordings.


1. Nero (Original Mix)
2. Shark Tank (Original Mix)
3. Nero (Markantonio Remix)

Listen some previews:

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