Invite hits Prototype Sequence Series Podcast #010 with serious techno.

Simply as that, Invite has a knack for selecting the perfect tracklist for each podcast or set that he makes, always with a good introductory track, that shows to us how the completley set its going to be progressin with some heavy ass techno, and finally ending the set with the perfect deep sensation you all listener got when we're talking about Invite, No wonder why his podcast contains the most complete selection of artists, and when it's time to mix, the best selection of techno bombs.

Biography of Invite:

Carrying well over fifteen years of love for techno and performing experience with him, Invite is one of Holland’s few true household names. A modest perfectionist at heart, he translates his passion and drive into outspoken and highly versatile DJ-sets. Whether it’s opening deep and warm,closing rough and edgy, a small crowd or large setting Invite treats every gig with the same amount of diligence and respect. When given carte blanche and an extended timeslot, something he much prefers, Invite is able to move a crowd like few others can.
His career has seen him perform at numerous events including Planet Rose, Imprint, Time Warp and Awakenings, festivals such as Awakefest and Free Your Mind and venues like Trouw, Paradiso and Doornroosje, on multiple occasions alongside the likes of Surgeon, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims and Jeff Mills.
Invite’s reach doesn’t stop at the border however; he has played in Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Scotland, Czech Republic, Austria, Scotland, Estonia, France and Belgium and is looking forward to a lot more traveling.
Early 2011 has also marked the launch of his own podcast series, dubbed Invite’s Choice. Aiming to provide international techno artists with a sixty-minute platform to think 100% out of the box and record a set without any musical limitations, it’s quickly become one of the best weekly podcasts out there.
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Artist: Invite
Tittle: Series Podcast #010
Rls date: 15.08.2013
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Sanys - AFC
Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default - Sinister
Tom Dicicco - Physical
Kirk Degiorgio - Borel (Jonas Kopp 'My Vision of Samba Remix)
Lewis Fautzi, Nuklear Default - Anti-Cake
Exium - Wolf-Rayet
Dax J - La Haine (Jonas Kopp Remix)
Charlton - Chaotic Behaviour
Staffan Linzatti - Succession of Events
Oscar Mulero - Rotula (Truncate Remix)
Filip Xavi - ANTI-NOD
Staffan Linzatti - The Contraption
Etapp Kyle - Astra

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