Tadeo Hits Invite's Choice Podcast #124

Quoted from Invite's Choice Podcast:
The 124th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite's Choice!
This week with guest: Tadeo
Tadeo has been a guest on Invite's Choice before. The first time around, he provided show 040 and now's he back for number 124, and with a bang!
Five hours (!) of Tadeo, live at Cassete Club Madrid!
Tadeo's been working hard for multiple years now, shaping his own sound and bringing it to the dancefloor. His new Nammu EP on his own Another Intelligence is stunning and I've been playing it over and over.
A real 5 out of 5 release, with nothing but great tracks. See Hardwax for the EP, here: hardwax.com/68817/tadeo/nammu-ep/
I'm very happy to have one of my favourites from Spain back on the show, here's Tadeo in the mix!
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Next show my Choice will be: Jesse Jakob

Artist: Tadeo
Tittle: Invites Choice Podcast #124
Rls date: 26.07.2013
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Genre: Techno


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