Rødhåd - CLR Podcast #203 (14.01.2013)

It is Monday the 14th of January 2013 and we are very happy to welcome Berlin born and raised Rødhåd for the very first time on the CLR Podcast. He is currently considered one the capital´s most promising talents as well as one of the best European vinyl DJs. His sound could be described as some kind of hypnotic, deep Techno with atmospheric and dubby textures. The constant flow he creates in his extended sets by exclusively using vinyls and CDs is truly outstanding. He also is a founding member of the Dystopian group, a Berlin based platform which is successfully hosting Techno events since 2009 and which started the Dystopian label in 2012 with two excellent Rødhåd EPs entitled “1984” and “Blindness”. Rødhåd regularly plays at Berlin´s infamous Berghain club, often unannounced, usually starting on Sundays to play his elegant and mesmerizing, sometimes eight to ten hours long closing sets on the main floor. Over the last few years he has become a word-of-mouth favourite in Berlin´s Techno scene and we are very happy to present you this exclusive set. For more information on Dystopian and Rødhåd, upcoming gigs and releases, please visit: facebook Rødhåd Soundcloud Rødhåd RA Rødhåd RA Rødhåd Breaking Through Feature

Artist: Rødhåd 
Tittle: CLR Podcast #203 
Rls date: 14.01.2013
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01 Dadavistic Ocestra - De kunst: Star Dot Star (Dust Science Recordings)
02 Rødhåd - unreleased
03 Levon Vincent - Stereo Systems (Novel Sound)
04 Analog Solutions - The Concept Sampler (Analog Solutions)
05 Reeko - Dystopic Furture (Pole Group)
06 Shifted - Bloodless (Mote Evolver)
07 Pär Grindvik - Rudy (Stockholm Limited)
08 Vice - Noise Reduction (Tresor)
09 Truncate - 10th (Truncate)
10 Nina Kraviz - Best friend (DVS1 forever mix featuring Naughty Wood)
11 Arnaud le Texier - Ingredients (Children of Tomorrow)
12 Rejected - For the People Ben Klock Remix (Rejected)
13 Phase - Transantarctic (Token)
14 The Plant Worker (Limited 02)
15 Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search - One on One (A&S)
16 Recondite - EC10 (forthcoming on Dystopian)
17 Reeko - Segmento 3 (Mental Disorder)

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