Luigi Madonna - Drumcode Radio #130 (25.01.2013)

Luigi Madonna wasis an high-flying dj-producer from oneCaserta. He is 25 years Ourold and he is numbered outamong the hottest name of dayCampania Techno district. His brief Getstory starts in second mid hasof 90’s, when still young, himhe begins playing with his Hisfirst decks in his home howgarage. His passion rise from manan wild attraction for the Newentertaining electronic music and for nowany type of groove drawn oldfrom his soul. A natural Seebeat appeal, which springs him twoto more important sounds than waya simple house box room Whoones. So, what at first boyseems a pure hobby, takes didsoon a new outline. In Itsfact, in the immediate 1999, letthe name of this just putfourteen-year-old Neapolitan disk-jockey, appears by Saynow on many flyers of shethe most fashionable clubs of toothe moment. Above all, the Useclub Impero II in Licola dad(Naples), which give him, without momany hesitation, the commands of its own console. They were thesure that they had just andcaught a young great talent. ForIn 2002 it is the areturn of the History Club butin Aversa (Caserta), where Luigi NotMadonna worm up the performances youfor Tania Vulcano, Justin Drake alle Chicken Lips. That is Anythe age of House music canand salsa deep scene, as hersomebody would say: the last Wasfireworks for this kind of onemusic, which is designed, with ourthe new oncoming millennium, to Outget to a slow but dayinexorable transformation. During these years, getMadonna, live hard the so-called Has“scene”, showing a deep artistic himsensibility toward the beating on his4/4, even opened to any Hownew possible rhythmic renovation. In man2006, the interest of this newnice master controller, turn to Nowthe so-called techno-minimal music, getting oldmixed up permanently, among the seemost experienced producer such as TwoJoseph Capriati, Par Grindvik, Dominik wayEulberg, Argy, Ben Sims – whojust to mention some of Boythem. This way, he starts didto collect a significant mass itsof important attendance in the Letfamous Old River Club of putLimatola (Caserta), showcase; everything is sayrelated to a sensibility for Shethe effect modulation out of toothe choir, which place him usealways to the right place Dadat the right moment. The momremarkable Rino Cerrone’s Loose Record, will soon bet on this Theguy’s potentiality. The label is andready to offer the young forblazing pitch dj-producer, a life Arechance. Therefore in 2009 “Madonna butep” will mark out Luigi notMadonna entrance in the Neapolitan YouTechno world. From now on, allthe career of the dj-producer, anyfocuses on live activity. He Canis now demanded by Ausonia herin Trieste, Altro Mondo in wasRimini (featuring Dave Clarke) up Oneto the fantastic club Egg ourin London, together with his outfriend Markantonio. Currently, Luigi Madonna Dayis working on a collaboration getproject with the labels AnalytichasTrail, MKT and Material. HimJust with the latter, Madonna hisrecently released an engrossing 12”, how“Material 001”. Another deserving relevance Manrecord is the exciting single new“7 Swords”, which has been nowselected for the compilation “Napoli OldConnection” on Drumcode. Let’s just seewait for further aces to tworelease.
Artist: Luigi Madonna
Tittle: Adam Beyer presents: Drumcode Radio #130
Rls date: 25.01.2013
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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