Xhin - CLR Podcast #198 (10.12.2012)

It is Monday the 10th of December 2012 and we have Xhin back on the CLR Podcast. The Singaporean sound futurist has been crafting ominous cuts of cutting-edge electronic music since 1997 and is a regular, much appreciated guest on the podcast as well as on the label. His intricate blend of intelligent Techno first gained attention in the music business when he independently released his “Xycle” EP in 2003. In the following year his critically acclaimed debut album "Supersonicstate" came out. In 2006 the German independent label Meerestief discovered his talent and a remix he did for Five Green Circle´s track “Ronan's BBQ” received massive recognition. In 2009, Xhin joined Lucy´s new Berlin based Techno label Stroboscopic Artefacts to release the dark, intense and experimental side of his sonic spectrum. Just recently he released an excellent remix of MOTOR “Pleasure In Heaven” (feat. Gary Numan) on CLR, a remix for Bas Mooy “Desolaat” on Gynoid Audio and contributed two tracks to the “Stellate 3” 10” Vinyl Series on Stroboscopic Artefacts. For more information on Xhin and his upcoming releases, please visit: Web facebook Twitter RA
Artist: Xhin
Tittle: CLR Podcat #198
Rls date: 10.12.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1. Xhin - Untitled
2. Mark Broom - Vault 5
3. BMB - Dead Sun
4. Radial - Caveman
5. Single Cell, Vegim - Twilight
6. Takaaki Itoh - Slicer - Sleeparchive RMX #3
7. Kangding Ray - Thar
8. Xhin - Blinding Truth
9. Motor - Pleasure In Heaven feat. Gary Numan - Xhin Remix
10. Coefficient - Involute Topology
11. Clouds - Those Cracks In Your Face, Do They Hurts?
12. Jam City - The Courts
13. Cowboy Rhythmbox - Shake
14. Mick Finesse - Evacuation Route
15. Dead Sound - Bring It Up A Little - Xhin Remix
16. Mikkel Metal - Staron
17. Inigo Kennedy - Wonderhorse
18. Developer - Archivo Parte 1
19. Rrose - 23 Lashes
20. The Transhumans / Arcanoid - Nature of Being
21. Neon – Voices

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