Hobo from M_nus @ The Room, Treviso (Italy)(17.11.2012)

It should come as no surprise when you listen to the body of work that Joel Boychuk has created under his Hobo guise, that each individual output sounds so different.

Hobos are wanderers - migrant work-seekers, constantly on the move. You can tell that he is aware of this fact every time he steps into his studio, because speaking musically, for him the same path is never trodden twice. When asked why he never seems to repeat himself, he will answer without hesitation: “You stay still, you’re more likely to be left behind.” It sounds so simple but it makes so much sense. He freely admits that there will be people who come along and stick around by playing it safe, finding something that works, and riding it as long as possible. For him, however, that is not an option. Boychuk speaks of idleness and stagnation as though they’re the worst plague imaginable. And it’s valid logic. Everything is in a state of change, why not embrace it? And embrace it the twenty-four year old producer has.

With simple beginnings in between Canada and Detroit, the young star has risen from total obscurity, to performances at some of the world’s hottest clubs, along side it’s hottest DJs. Fabric in London, Amnesia in Ibiza, Tenax in Florence, and Europe’s biggest festivals are among the stops that this Hobo has made in his never ending commute. And there looks to be no end in sight. Boychuk is always hard at work on his next idea, and yet somehow he makes time to gain extra credits wherever possible, most recently as ‘Assistant Executive Audio Producer” for the acclaimed Plastikman Live tour in store for 2010. When asked how he manages, he reveals his first noticeable consistency, in saying: “Just never stop moving.” It’s a mantra he wears proudly, and that pays off everyday.

After having his 2009 hit, ‘Symptom’ charted as one of Depeche Mode co-founder Martin Gore’s favourite tracks, to having Hugo Boss select his ‘funk jam’ (as Boychuk calls it) ‘Howard Watson’s Jam’ as one of their monthly favourites, to touring along side Richie Hawtin at the biggest events and clubs in Europe, this Hobo is most certainly earning his keep. Boychuk has made it very clear that he doesn’t ever plan on sitting still; so wherever you go, keep your eyes peeled. There’s a good chance he’ll be passing by any day.
Artist: Hobo 
Tittle: @ The Room, Treviso (Italy)
Rls date: 17.11.2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1. Channel X - Evil
2. Pig & Dan - On Edge
3. Kiko & Mihalis Safras - Mentos
4. Luigi Madonna - Crash
5. Jesper Dahlback & Nima Khak - The Searcher
6. Catz 'n Dogz feat. Monty Luke - They Frontin'
7. Leonardo Gonnelli - Face To Face (Daniel Sanchez Remix)
8. Monoloc & Daniel Wilde - It's Mine (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Hobo Edit 1)
9. Metodi Hristov - Quake
10. Pierre Deutschmann - FingerBangin (Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Remix)
11. Maxxi Soundsystem - Stella's Way
12. Lutzenkirchen - Dual Tracker (Da Fresh Remix)
13. Hanfry Martinez & Terrance :Terry: - Sunday Gathering (Dyed Soundorom Remix)
14. Raul Mezcolanza & Hollen - Meeting Dosage
15. BareSkin - Eyes
16. Raul Mezcolanza - Follow Me
17. Dale Howard - Hold It Down (No Artificial Colours Remix)
18. Darlyn Vlys - Loco Channel
19. Gel Abril & Andrea Oliva - Scene
20. Hobo - Bored Of The Strings
21. Sam Ball - Lemon Tree
22. Maetrik - To The Top
23. Reilloc - Card Shark
24. Rodriguez Jr. - Ocean Drive
25. Tomy DeClerque - Z-Nasti
26. Oliver Klein & Mario da Ragnio - Lovely Day
27. Franky Ros - Endless Pleasure (Reassembled)
28. Stereo Jack - Techno At Last
29. Alan Fitzpatrick - For An Endless Night

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