Spektre - Mutual Respekt #063 (05.10.2012)

Something about Spektre: 
It’s the vision of successful producers/djs Paul Maddox and Filthy Rich, who came together through a bond of minimal techno, and a willingness to experiment unmercifully with new sounds. Unsettling any crowd that stands in their way, with their razor-sharp beats and explosive chemistry, their releases and live sets have been menacing dance floors ever since their project was born.
Stacking up an intimidating amount of industry knowledge and skill between them, the Spektre monster is storming from strength to strength, taking no prisoners… Filthy Rich has released countless successful tracks as well as gaining the support of top name DJs, whilst Paul Maddox has been fiercely producing music since the age of 15. Although coming from two very diverse musical backgrounds, their love of minimalism and attraction to cutting edge technology created a lethal combination.
Their sinful sounds draw inspiration from early R&S releases, Joey Beltram, right through to modern masterminds such as M.A.N.D.Y, Plasmik and Trentemoller. They use their combined experiences of minimalism to produce dark sinister sounds mixed in with twisted vocals and unnerving foundations, whilst remaining accessible to the crowds.
Connoisseur of the scene Oliver Huntemann, snatched up Spektre’s early releases for his own label “Dance Electric.” Since then the pair have earnt admiration and support from Sven Vath to Tim Sheridan, Audiojack to Fergie. Championing their sound, tracks such as “A Glimpse Outside” became immediate hits - launched straight onto DJ Mags cover cd. Further successes like “Haze” and “Minimalist Machinist” gained huge popularity in the clubs internationally, played by the likes of Mike Monday and Audiofly while one of Spektres latest offerings “Hover” was thrashed out at Cocoon by the legendary Sven Vath on New Years Eve, sure signs that this pair have indeed arrived. Spektre have been unleashing their dirty live sets in clubs up and down the country, casting their spell on thousands. With their insatiable energy for touring, 2008 sees their unique sound reaching the shores of South America, Russia & Ukraine, with a album showcase performance at this summers Glade Festival, there is no doubt this year will be as full of the same hectic gig schedule as the last. Expect to witness their undefined sets storming through clubland and expect to walk away breathless!
To catch their recent releases, look out for “Tempest” and “88 mph” as well as remixes on “Tomographie” by Andre Crom and “Black Box” from Jim Rivers. Future hits include track “The Ride” (Suruba Records), “Pacemaker” (Rotary Cocktail) and “On a Roll” (Very Very Wrong Indeed) plus an incredible remix of “Two Em” - Manjala reached no3 in the beatport minimal charts. The boys have also been working their magic on remixes of “The Arrival” by Zoo Brazil, “24 Bit Bleep” from Digital Filth.
An exciting future lies ahead for Spektre with their debut album released to Tim Sheridans VVVWI recordings, pushing them out onto that minimal edge even further. Alongside a demanding release schedule on several different labels, one thing is certain, this year Spektre can do no wrong.
Artist: Spektre
Tittle: Mutual Respekt #063
Rls date: 05.10.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Spektre & Tom Laws - Colon Clubbers
02. Sasha Carassi - Old Rustle [Phobiq]
03. Gabriel & Bordoy - Carbon-12 [Respekt]
04. Manic Brothers - Black Bay [Drumcode]
05. Anthony Castaldo & Mars Bill - Burnout [Respekt]
06. Alex Bau - Sidestep (Spektre Remix) [Respekt]
07. Gary Beck - Before The Crash [Soma]
08. Roberto Capuano - Free [Analytic Trail]
09. Alex Bau - Darkhearts [Driving Forces]
10. DK8 - Murder Was The Bass
11. Roman Gertz - Halcyon [Analytic Trail]
12. Hertz - Break An Entry [Respekt]

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