Marc Houle & Troy Pierce playing together: Live vs. DJ @ ENTER. Sakebar (Space Club, Ibiza)(13.09.2012)

Something about Marc Houle: Marc Houle grew up in Windsor, Canada with Detroit as his mid-90's backyard party playground - as a kid he had a love for obscure new wave & analog synths, so it was just a matter of time before he started making music of his own. Ask any of his friends, and they'll tell you the same: the guy is a prolific music-making-machinist, dedicated to quality, but quantity as well - with nearly 1,000 tracks to his credit (most of which are tucked away on his hard drive as super secret weapons).
Marc Houle's current sound can be described in cityscapes - somewhere between Chicago & Detroit, with a new-wave underbelly. His live performances are always diverse & genre-bending reigns supreme. No two sets are ever the same, except perhaps, their ability to impress the crowd.
Something about Troy Pierce:The Troy Pierce sound is one which has constantly veered from dense, layered and abstract to stripped down, acid infused and pulsing. His sonic palette is one that draws on a wide array of influences and reaches far outside the confines of the studio and into an otherworld entirely. Fusing techno with minimalism, darkness with light and heaviness with rhythm, this American has never been afraid to experiment in the outer regions of his vast musical universe.

Artist: Marc Houle & Troy Pierce playing together
Tittle: Live vs. DJ @ ENTER. Sakebar (Space Club, Ibiza)
Rls date: 13.09.2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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