Justin Berkovi - Muno Podcast #053 (09.10.2012)

Techno veteran Justin Berkovi has been undergoing something of a renaissance of late. Whilst cemented in the techno history books with his classics on Music Man, Force Inc, Djax up and Harthouse back in the day Justin has returned to the fore with a slew of killer releases and live sets.
Refusing to be pigeonholed Justin straddles the dark brooding purposeful world of techno alongside the mesmeric beauty of his deeper, more introspective tracks. His material over the past year has seen support from Adam Beyer, Technasia, The Advent, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Shake Shakir, Claude Young, Wehbba and many more. With several EPs and remixes in the pipeline and coming out soon Berkovi continues his mantra of unique techno and looks set to restart his seminal deep techno / house label 'Nightrax' in 2012 accompanied by a deep techno / tech house live set for the first time showcasing this aspect of his work.
Justin’s live sets have taken him all over the globe from the most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals. Some clubs and festivals played: Tresor, Berghain, Womb (Tokyo), Ministry of Sound, Ambassada Gavioli (Slovenia), Rex (Paris), TLV (Tel Aviv), Amnesia (Ibiza), Dancevalley (Holland), Nature One / Liberty One (Germany), Love Parade (Berlin), I Love Techno (Belgium), 10 Days off (Belgium), Fuse, Florida 135 and many more. He’s not only worked dancefloors but has created experimental electronica (Charm Hostel) and produced a Peel Session for the late John Peel as well as being one of the few techno artists chosen for the Kats Karavan John Peel tribute album.
Artist: Justin Berkovi 
Tittle: Muno Podcast #053
Rls date: 09.10.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1. Justin Berkovi 'Godspeed' (Trapez)
2. Triumph 'Discover' - Ian O'Donovan Remix (Rebirth)
3. Aubrey 'Dot 1' - Paul Mac Remix (Dot)
4. Oscar Mulero 'Reverberation' (PoleGroup)
5. Justin Berkovi 'Mondrian' (Trapez)
6. Harvey McKay / Saytek 'Nothing' (Soma)
7. Will Azada 'Theory' (Cubera)
8. Art Bleek ' Confused' (Eevonext)
9. Tim Wolff 'Sad But True' (Balans)
10. Justin Berkovi 'Heritage' (Trapez)
11. Aubrey 'Dot 1' - Miles Sagnia Remix (Dot)
12. Gary Beck 'Before The Crash' (Soma)
13. Will Azada 'Theory' - Kyle Geiger Remix (Cubera)
14. Justin Berkovi 'Anodyne Dub' (Promo)
15. Justin Berkovi 'When I Throw Down' (ART)
16. Tim Wolff 'Angular' (Balans)
17. Justin Berkovi 'Surveillance' (Trapez)
18. Secluded 'Impression' (Enemy Records)
19. Psyk - 'Main' (Mote Evolver)
20. Justin Berkovi 'Voices' (Paride Saraceni Remix) - (Trapez)
21. Woo York 'Void' (Truncate Remix) (Mutex)
22. Mr G 'Contrast' - (Phoenix G)

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