Da Funk - Highway Podcast #87 (15.10.2012)

Switzerland in 1991. The electronic music began to crowd its fans.
In front a teenager called Da Funk. Electronic Music had done it to the young man and he began to deal with the whole scene. First party attendances were the result and Da Funk was definitely fallen in love with the Music. In the middle of the 90'ies, which Da Funk through-live with excessive celebrations on innumerable Parties and Club nights, the normal celebrating as a music consumer did not gave him the sufficient kick anymore.

Thus the music-possessed young man began to acquire himself how to Mix. Soon the first gigs came at smaller, usually illegal Parties around Winterthur. In winter 1996 the first large gig in Zurich followed and Da Funk was rocking the floor. Further bookings troughout Switzerland followed.

The attendance of a Spanish party island '97 rang the end of his DJ activity. The insufficient satisfaction by playing records only and in holidays with a new music direction infected, the DJ project was hung to the nail. House Music was the new born child of Da Funk. A time of re-direction followed and Da Funk returned into the role of the consumer for a short moment.

Sitting around and doing nothing aren't characteristics Da Funk call his own and so he courageously move on to a further step. Producing own sounds and tracks should be it. He began to build up his own Studio and worked with large eagerness at his musical ideas.

He then started Acryl Music 2004 as a platform to reveal the world his definition of house music wich exhibits the stylistic attributes deep, techy, forward thinking & innovative .
He's productions are best known for his melodic trademark sound with that certain feel.
Artist: Da Funk
Tittle: Highway Podcast #87
Rls date: 15.10.2012
Genre: Deep House
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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