Sasha Carassi - Phobiq Podcast #006 (07.09.2012)

Sasha Carassi is one of those artists who exudes the air of a seasoned veteran, but this is not just because of the years he has been making noise in the industry; it's his unparalleled skill and work ethic that places him in such a revered position.
2010 was a seminal year for Sasha, as he managed to rise above the flux of producers hailing from his native Napoli. By leaving his mark on labels such as Drumcode, Harthouse, Sleaze, Respekt, 8 Sided Dice and many others, he established himself firmly in the world of serious Techno which nods slyly to the dark side.
All of this well-deserved hype brought on remixes and collaborations with the likes of Joseph Capriati, Brian Sanhaji, Spektre, Virgil Enzinger and others who, along with Sasha, lead the way in this scene.
Sasha Carassi's plan could not be complete without his Techno love-children, Globox Recordings and Phobiq Recordings. Artists such as Brian Sanhaji, Spektre, Slam, Adam Jay, BCR Boys, Matador and a slew of talented producers pushing the Techno envelope have all graced the labels over the past few years.
No stranger to the road, Sasha has been a staple in major festivals and prestigious clubs worldwide, with the added bonus that you can catch him showing off his skills on the decks with actual vinyl, since he himself has been an avid collector since the late 80s.
Artist: Sasha Carassi 
Tittle: Phobiq Podcast #006 
Rls date: 07.09.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. The Advent - NZT [H-Productions]
02. Andres Gil & Gare Ludena - Doubt [Promo]
03. Chris Colburn - Destiny (Cari Lekebusch 06:00 Remix) [8 Sided Dice]
04. Manic Brothers - Black Bay [Drumcode]
05. Timmo - Pan's Labyrinth [Fone Audio]
06. Reilloc - Card Shark (Juan Sanchez Remix) [Octopus Recordings]
07. Locomatica - Methodik [Phobiq]
08. Jerry Padilla - Crazy Prick (A.Trebor Remix) [Brood Audio]
09. Mr_O - I Just Want Normal (Mark Broom Remix) [Engineroom]
10. Pedro Freiberger - Blood In The Soul [Phobiq]
11. The Advent - Body Count [H-Productions]
12. UMEK & Oliver Giacomotto - This Sound (Sasha Carassi Phobiq Remix) [1605]
13. Pig & Dan - Doing It For Yourself (Butch Remix) [Soma]

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