Robert Hood – Resident Advisor Podcast #330 (RA330) (24.09.2012)

In the mix with a Detroit legend.
Minimal techno pioneer, Underground Resistance alum, Detroit original—it'd be easy for Robert Hood to rest on his laurels, to become little more than a time capsule. But while to this day you know a Hood record when you hear it, he hasn't stopped moving forward, whether by continually refining the pared-down sound that made him famous, revisiting another shade of his musical personality (his Floorplan alias has been particularly active these last few years), or throwing curveballs at those who think "president of Minimal Nation" pretty much covers his place in electronic music history.

The latter's certainly the case on Motor: Nighttime World 3, the surprisingly lush recent installment of his series delving into the metaphysics of the Motor City. "Techno of big, broken-hearted beauty," is what RA's Tony Naylor had to say. But let's go further: It's as nuanced a reading of his hometown—politically, socially, spiritually, and, of course, musically—as you're likely to get through sound alone. Meaty stuff from a guy who's made his name stripping techno down to the bone.
Which isn't to say that a guy making such thought-provoking music can't throw down a good party set, because that's precisely what we get on RA.330: the rhythms are driving and the loops unrelenting—this is Hood, after all. Your feet should know just what to do.

Artist: Robert Hood
Tittle: Residentadvisor Podcast #330 (RA330)
Rls date: 24.09.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

DJ Muggs vs GZA
Robert Hood - unreleased
Tim Wolff - Backstage Fridge - Dynamic Reflection
Italo Boyz - Zinga - Get Physical - unreleased Robert Hood edit
Robert Hood - Omega : Alive - M-Plant
Floorplan - Chord Principle - M-Plant
Marco Lenzi - Taboo - Molecular
69 - Ladies & Gentleman - Planet E
James Ruskin - Work (Steve Rachmad remix) - Blueprint
Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (Robert Hood remix) - EPM
Mark Broom - Fever - Beard Man
Robert Hood - untitled - M-Plant
Floorplan - Confess - M-Plant
Robert Hood - Better Life - Music Man
Robert Hood - unreleased
DJ Bone - The Hold - Subject Detroit
Floorplan - Altered Ego - M-Plant
Ben Sims & Vincent Davis - Freaks (Sims Disin' All Freaks Mix) - Ingoma
Ritzi Lee - Backdraft - Theory
Trolley Route - Neutron - Cheval Records
Ben Sims - Metal Works - Machine
Robert Hood - Power To Prophet - M-Plant
Robert Hood - Black Technician - Music Man
Floorplan - Baby, Baby - M-Plant
K Alexi Shelby - Vertigo - Transmat
Phase - Xylo - Token
Robert Hood - Hate Transmissions - Music Man
Robert Hood - Range - M-Plant
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Salsa Life - Transmat

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