Richie Hawtin Live At Watergate (Berlin) (25-08-2012)

Although he's technically a Canadian, Richie Hawtin will forever be associated with putting his beloved Detroit on the dance music map. Along with fellow Detroit pioneer Carl Craig, Hawtin helped break the second wave of Detroit techno. From north of Detroit in Windsor, Ontario, Hawtin has been a DJ, a producer, a record label owner, and a flag-waver for the underground Detroit scene which is only now getting the respect it deserves in the United States. Hawtin started his career DJing at underground parties in clubs like Detroit's Shelter. There he met his partner, John Acquaviva, and together they launched the influential Plus 8 Recordings label.
Hawtin created a unique techno sound, which is regarded as synonymous with the city of Detroit. That sound, electro house, is very minimal, yet highly danceable. He is known for his use of the Roland TB-303 bass machine and that sound has become inseparable from quality acid house and electro recordings. These days, Hawtin kicks around with a TR-909 drum machine. Hawtin signed a record deal with Nova Mute in 1993, and is considered a star in Europe, where he has enjoyed success with his project, Plastikman.
In 1994, rumor has it that Hawtin was scheduled to perform at a rave held inside the Brooklyn Bridge. Allegedly, while crossing the border from Canada, guards stopped him, assuming he was attempting to work illegally in the US due to the massive amount of equipment in his car. Supposedly he went home and recorded a set to DAT and shipped it to the promoters. To this day, no one can say for certain whether that headlining slot was live or on tape.
Today, he has gained the respect of a larger US audience. In May 2000, Hawtin performed at the first Detroit Electronic Festival alongside Derrick May, Juan Atkins and other techno masterminds. More than 200,000 people attended from all over the world.
Artist: Richie Hawtin
Tittle: Live At Watergate (Berlin)
Rls date: 25-08-2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01.Davide Rojas - Good Sense 
02.Gaga - Warner Brosamazon 
03.Hot Since 82 - Knee Deep In Louise [MODA BLACK]
04.Pig & Dan - Mooshi 
05.Siwell & Mihalis Safras - Method Man (Mark Broom & Mihalis Safras Edit) 
06.Billy Mason - Ghostrider 
07.Mladen Tomic - Tangas 
08.Denis Horvat - Next Train To Paris 
09.BaAus - Summer Fever 
10.Aki Bergen - Boiled Egg [KITTBALL]
11.Alex Piccini & Marka T - Rushing Around 
12.Adam Beyer - Dot [MAD EYE]
13.Cuartero - Cocoamazon 
14.Bumpin Ugly - Work Me (Maetrik Remix) 
15.Davide Rojas - Youngin 
16.Corner - Minimal Melody 
17.Adam Beyer - Flap [MAD EYE]
18.Aiora - Packing Future 
19.Tuccillo - Eves Sky [HOLIC TRAX]
20.Tina V - Cazuela 
21.Hudson Mohawke & Lunice - Easy Easy 
22.Woo York - Void (Truncate Remix Loop) 
23.Sergio Fernandez - Clicks N Stuff 
24.Stereo Express - Shadoorack (Dan Caster Remix) [ATMOSPHERE]
25.Richie Dane - Carabu 
26.Pig & Dan - Paint It Black 
27.Leix & Hitch - Mr. Slade [NOVOTEK]
28.Lee Curtiss - I Can Make Your Body Twitch 
29.Lilario Liburni - Crapkin 
30.Belocca - Way Of Thinking [MAINGROUND]
31.Maetrik - The Poem [COCOON]
32.Alex Niglio - Lost Noise 
33.Technasia - Heart Of Flesh [CADENZA]
34.Sinisa Tamamovic - Broken Soul [NIGHT LIGHT]
35.Paul Najera & Jr Quijada - Feel It 
36.N'To - The Sand Dealer 
37.&Me - Everless [KEINEMUSIK]
38.Lux Stiffmeisters - Magma 

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