Justin Berkovi - CLR Podcast #186 (17-09-2012)

It is Monday the 17th of September 2012 and we have Justin Berkovi, a true techno veteran for the first time on the CLR Podcast. Since the release of his first EP fifteen years ago, he has produced a long list of seminal records and is about to release his 6th full length album entitled MONDRIAN on Germany's Trapez Records on September 24th. Whilst cemented in the Techno history books with his classics on Music Man, Force Inc, Djax-Up and Harthouse back in the days, he has now returned to the fore with a slew of highly promising original productions and remixes. Justin’s memorable live sets have taken him all over the globe from the most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals. The present mix is an exclusive 'warehouse' style live set in which he blends various sub-genres of techno from the deeper old school stuff right through to the new school tough tool sound. It also features some tracks from his forthcoming album and some of his recent remixes. If you would like to find out more about this exceptional artist and his tour-dates for his forthcoming album MONDRIAN (to be announced by the end of September), please check out the following sites: facebook soundcloud web twitter

Artist: Justin Berkovi

Tittle: CLR Podcast #186
Rls date: 17-09-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1) When I Throw Down (ART)
2) Anodyne Dub (Promo)
3) Mondrian - Mark Reeve Edit (TRAPEZ)
4) Clipflow (Promo)
5) Voices (TRAPEZ)
6) Space DJz - Polymath Justin Berkovi Remix (SICK WEIRD ROUGH)
7) Black Rain (SLAPJAXX)
8) Surveillance (TRAPEZ)
9) The Bell Tolls (SLAPJAXX)
10) The Groove (DJAX UP BEATS)
11) Pig & Dan - Keep it Coming Justin Berkovi Remix (SOMA)
13) Mondrian (TRAPEZ)
14) Michael Schwarz - Fauna Justin Berkovi Remix (33)
15) The Heaviest Of Nights (Promo)
17) Jeopary (DJAX-UP-BEATS)
18) Industry 101 (CHROMA)
19) Angel Dies (SONIC GROOVE)

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