Israel Toledo - Freitag Podcast #078 (21.09.2012)

Israel Toledo is one of the most mexican exported Techno djs, in his sets normally likes to spinn hibrids of Techno.
In 2004 he produced the remix "Quetzalcoatl" for Corvin Dalek at Mark Reeders German label MFS-FLESH, the same year the remix was edited on the Love Parade..s compilation on the mexican edition and Poland for LIFE Magazine.
That year Israel Toledos track/ep called "Edge of Empire" was released at the Dutch Techno label Klirfactor/Highland Beats featured on the b-sides with Jorg Henze and Lars Klein.
On 2005 Israel Toledo edited again on a German label, this time was on MASTERS OF DISASTER(013), a very known techno label with his track called "Mexico City".
He starts that year his own label called "Assassin Soldier Recordings" and become the first mexican techno label on vinyl, the first label release called "Allies Coallition EP" included artists such as Nimbuz and Jan Liefhebber from Holland.
After that, Israel Toledo..s releases and remixes are doing good jobs on many labels world wide.
Now a days he is the host in his radio show called "Naranja Electronica" at the mexican bigest radio company called EXA F.M 104.1 fm in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, every friday nights.
He has been played at bigest festivals such as Love Parade Mexico and Mayday Mexico and has been playing in Europe, USA, Mexico and Venezuela turning up the dance floor.
Artist: Israel Toledo 
Tittle: Freitag Podcast #078 
Rls date: 21.09.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

1. Akkya- First Light in another spectrum
2. Electrorites-suicide circle
3. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
4. Fr33k-valtiel(baltas remix)
5. Fr33k- returnes sound of reverse
6. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
7. Macgregor-bitrop
8. Mataphter- disease
9. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
10. The sublime- smoke screen
11. Erphun/Subfractal- Clones
12. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
13. Israel Toledo- Tester
14. Jey Pee Razz- Ex factor (Israel Toledo Remix)
15. Mark Morris- Uprising
16. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
17. Billie and par grinvik- hold doubt back
18. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
19. Stephen O´Neil- GhostDeal - Panic (Forest People Replant)
20. Wimmix-Shit und Scheisse
21. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
22. SM noize-Hebe (DavidChristoph Remix)
23. Truncate-Pad Mode
24. Israel Toledo- Live Random Build Up
25. Gabeen and tosi- Joovuh
26. Ricardo Garduño- cb4

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