Ed Davenport - Invite's Choice Podcast #071 (10.09.2012)

This week with guest: Ed Davenport

This week it's time for a personal favorite of mine who was born in England, but now lives in Berlin; Ed Davenport.
Capable of flawlessly combining house and techno, both in his DJ-sets and his productions, the results always are absolute treats for the ear!
Exemplifying this beautifully is his recently released album Counterchange on the NRK imprint; one hell of an album if you ask me!

His mix for Invite's Choice is no less awesome and am very happy with his contribution to the series!
The mix was recorded live at The Attic in Manchester, UK - July 2012!
Ed Davenport proves once again that two genres, house and techno, merge very well when done by the right person and with the right vision!

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Next week my Choice will be: Drumcell
Artist: Ed Davenport 
Tittle: Invite's Choice Podcast #071
Rls date: 10.09.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Ricardo Villalobos - The Contempt (Last H Of Porto Remix) (Playhouse)
Tim Xavier - Remember The Krome (DJ Sodeyama Remix) (Limited 400)
DJ Dove - Roots & Culture (Below)
Blake Baxter - Our Luv (Disco B)
Trackman - Trackman A (Ideal T1)
Teknon Brutus - Castaneta (Unreleased)
Mr G - Guidance (T2 Edit) (Holic Trax)
Dario Zenker - Come On (Harry Klein)
Infiniti - Function Remix (Tresor)
Ribn - Save Me (Vocal Mix) (Mild Pitch)
Advanced Human - Boiler (Raiz Remix) (Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
Mr G - ? (White Label)
Blake Baxter - Sexuality (Sonic Groove)
Plastique - Laugh Gas '98 (Logistic)

Listen & Download:

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