Alexi Delano, Camea & Ambivalent @ Fabric - Room Two - London (England) (15.09.2012)

Something about Alexi Delano: Alexi Delano dwells in the perfect balance between shiny minimalism and dark vivacious techno. With more than two decades on stage he has been able to combine different roots and facets of the contemporary music scale.
Alexi is intimately linked to the Plus 8, Clink Rec and Truesoul labels and each one of his projects has been leaving foot prints on the minimal/techno scene. He performs constantly in clubs around the world and in prestigious events.
Born in Chile but raised in Sweden, Alexi, with fellow Swedes like Cari Lekebusch, Adam Beyer, Jesper Dahlback, Joel Mull and others
Something about Camea: Camea was born and raised in the Seattle music scene as a pianist and lover of all genres of music. In her youth she studied both classical and jazz theory as well as dance, and spent a lot of time playing in bands. Later in her teens she fell into the Seattle grunge and rock trends, but her lifestyle quickly changed when she discovered electronic music and bought turntables in 1999. After spending a few years perusing local record stores, Camea began to collect labels like Perlon, Playhouse and Minus. This eventually led her to the artistically thriving city of Brooklyn, NY, where she moved in 2002, immediately immersing herself in the city’s music scene. Brooklyn’s intense artistic environment became a magical time for her, as this is where she discovered an abundance of new music and met Ambivalent, Alexi Delano, Tim Xavier, and Tony Rohr and spawned Clink Recordings, launching her career as an International DJ by 2005. Soon after her tour schedule became worldwide, and two years later she relocated to Berlin where she resides today.
Something about Ambivalent: Currently working out of Berlin, Kevin McHugh has spent the last decade living in the German capital or New York and in a sense; these two metropoleis represent the contradiction at the heart of his Ambivalent persona. On the one hand the reckless freedom and hedonism of the Berlin subculture, on the other the more considered, conceptual approach of its New York counterpart. As a result his idiosyncratic sound lies somewhere between the two, a precarious balancing act that manages to infuse stripped down, finked up minimal techno with a distinct sense of purpose, often defined by a pearl of an idea around which his skeletal grooves revolve.
Artist: Alexi Delano, Camea & Ambivalent 
Tittle: @ Fabric - Room Two - London (England) 
Rls date: 15.09.2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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