Aldo Cadiz & Stephan Hinz - Kling Klong Showcase (September 2012)

Something about Aldo Cadiz:

Dj and Producer born in 1976.
is without a doubt one of the leading producers of electronic underground in Chile. In 1996, motivated by Dub and Hip Hop sounds involved in different groups of black music, Funk and Soul. two years later , listening to Electronic music ,immediately captivated by the sound of Chicago and the House of San Francisco and Detroit. is where he makes his first forays as a DJ of electronic music. The year 2000 created his own electronic music club "Club House“where he worked as a dj & producer with Villalobos, Luciano, Dinky, Casarano, Cristian Vogel, Derrick May, los hermanos Bucci, Dandy Jack, and much others. It is at this club which is recognized as one of the best national dj to be invited to various events of
Importance as Love Parade & Open Rave and others more.
The year 2005 begins his first musical productions with a very distinctive style marked by Detroit Techno sounds
and soon their first album out by the prestigious German label Force Tracks.
His productions have been published worldwide, including Japan and America and international label with Safari Electronique (FR), Renaissance (UK) , Immigrant (UK) o Rhythmetic (GRE).
Now as dj its euphoric sets with rhythmic sounds and grooving clearly move into Latin and tribal.
The elegance and energy into their set, they have become one of the most respected new producers DJs in South America.
Artist: Aldo Cadiz & Stephan Hinz 
Tittle: Kling Klong Showcase (September 2012)
Rls date: 04.05.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


STEPHAN HINZ – Kling Klong dj mix

01. Dusky - Lost In You ft. Janai (Anjunadeep)
02. The Junkies - Give It All (Tronic)
03. Tim Green - Old Sunshine (Get Physical)
04. Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Wink Remix Edit Tool)
05. Alex Tepper - Got That (Saved)
06. Macromism - Chordy Track (Kling Klong)
07. Hollen - Traumatix (KD Music)
08. Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Sunshine (Filterheadz 2012 Remix) (1605)
09. Oscar Barila & Maiki - Too Delirious (Daniel Stefanik Remix) (Kling Klong)
10. Elton D & Darkrow - The Bongo Breake (Pornographic)
11. The Aztec Mystic - Knights Of The Jaguar (Underground Resistance)
12. Audiofly & Alex Flitsch - Long Way To Go (Pele Remix) (Connaisseur)
13. Consistent - Higher Feel (Dub) (Exploited)
14. Pig & Dan - Mooshi (Suara)
15. Slam - Primitive Sound (Soma)
16. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Holden Remix) (Border Community)
17. Stephan Hinz - Gurgelmumpf & Donnerklaibich (Kling Klong)

ALDO CADIZ – Kling Klong Mix

01 - Mike13 - Take Me Make Me
02 - Victor Polo - Aceite Y Sal (Yoikol Remix)
03 - Townston & Delgado - 4 You (Sascha Sonido Remix)
04 - Simone Burrini - Out Out To The (Aldo Cadiz Remix)
05 - Tive - State Alchemist
06 - Rainer Weichhold & Nick Olivetti - Billy Idol
07 - Mottouch & MattKlast - Break Out
08 - Miguel Bastida - Pureself
09 - Mac Dephoner & Alberto Cicuendez - Quikson
10 - Gianni Firmaio - In The Sun
11 - Yoikol - Los_Habladores (Andrew Tailor Remix)
12 - Mark Broom - Give It To Me
13 - Aldo Cadiz - Mancora Live
14 - Dave Broddy (Patrick Lindsey Remix)
15 - Mark Broom - Can Wait
16 - Aldo Cadiz & Danny Serrano - Black Berries (Kling Klong)
17 - N54 Fabio Neural - Lucius
18 - Wollion & Mario Da Ragnio - Shutter Boy
19 - Jet Project - Understand This
20 - Mollan Lavander - (Re-Light Remix)
21 - Danny Serrano & Aldo Cadiz – Diva (Kling Klong)


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