Alan Fitzpatrick Live @ Jaded - Cable London - London (England) (02-09-2012)

Something by Alan Fitzpatick: 2011 was the year Alan Fitzpatrick made the transition to become a globally recognized talent. Having enjoyed a rapid ascent since his emergence as the new kid on the techno block in the latter half of 2008, Fitzpatrick now enjoys a status as a highly respected and in-demand producer and DJ. Asked to compile a coveted BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix in November 2011, Alan responded with a two-hour snaps
hot of exclusive productions and unreleased tracks that generated an overwhelmingly positive reaction from old and new fans alike. Coming off the back of high profile releases for Adam Beyer’s Drumcode (including the ‘Human Reason’ collaboration with Beyer himself) as well as releases on John Digweed’s Bedrock label (‘Moon Palace’ was awarded a BBC Radio 1 Essential New Tune’) and Alan’s own 8 Sided Dice imprint (Alan’s ‘First Times’ collaboration with techno pioneer Cari Lekebusch was the 2011 highlight) there can be few followers of techno worldwide who would not recognize Alan Fitzpatrick as one of the most influential artists of the moment.

So far, 2012 has seen Alan progress on all fronts with his output for Drumcode in particular working to elevate his status as a maturing and dynamic producer capable of bringing stylistic variety to his productions. The release of his ‘Life Through Different Eyes’ EP powerfully demonstrated the range of Fitzpatrick’s inspiration and the inventiveness in the studio that inspires him to create universally popular techno records that stand out from the norm. Whether he is adding diva-like vocals to cavernous beat workouts (“Always Something For Nothing’) or fusing emotive chord sequences with his trademark heavy-funk sound (‘Prometheus’) there is a uniqueness to Alan Fitzpatrick productions that ensures his star remains on the rise.

Alan Fitzpatrick productions have dominated the techno scene since his emergence in 2008 with Alan's partnership with Adam Beyer's Drumcode label producing his most significant work to date; releasing the universally supported ‘Human Reason’ collaboration alongside Beyer; four chart topping EP's (‘Static’, ‘Face Of Rejection’, ‘Insurgent Series’, ‘Life Through Different Eyes’); his 2010 ‘Shadows In The Dark’ album and contributing tracks to the labels ‘15 Year’s Of Drumcode’ and ‘A-Sides’ compilations plus remixes of Adam Beyer’s classic ‘Remainings III’ and Ben Sim’s ‘Riots In London’. Elsewhere, Fitzpatrick’s releases for Bedrock (‘Reflections’, ‘Moon Palace’) and his own 8 Sided Dice imprint (‘First Times’ collaboration with Cari Lekebusch, ‘Blixx’, ‘The Heist’, ‘Straw Hats’, ‘Amsterdam’, ‘9 Hours Later’) have raised the UK producers profile to a level where his remix services have been recruited by John Digweed, Slam, Cari Lekebusch, Joey Beltram and Timo Maas.
Artist: Alan Fitzpatrick
Tittle: Live @ Jaded - Cable London - London (England)
Rls date: 02-09-2012
Genre: Techno
Souce: WEB
Type: Set


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