Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava (07-04-2012)

Born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1977, Paul Kalkbrenner has tallied up more than 15 years of experience as a producer and live act. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, he was 12. The soundtrack of his youth, and of the majority of his generation, was still in its infancy, awaiting its breakthrough: techno music.

The early 90s were formative years for a young Paul Kalkbrenner as well. Eventually, in one of many long and sleepless nights on the dancefloors of E-Werk, Planet and Whale, the dream was born to make music himself. A job as TV editor got him through the mid-90s and financed his first music gear. By this point Paul had already decided that he did not want to be a typical DJ playing other people’s records, but rather to play only his own music, live in a club setting.

He had first 2 albums all in the same year, 2001. Paul’s third album, Self (2004), would mark the beginning of a new era. It was Paul’s most musical and mature album to date, although still taking cues from the dancefloor and rave culture, offering a first glimpse of what was yet to come. "Gebrünn Gebrünn”, released one year later, became a crossover hit found in every DJ’s record bag and finally cemented Paul’s status as a Techno MVP.

While On April 12, 2011, Kalkbrenner announced his seventh album Icke Wieder, scheduled to be released on June 3, 2011 via his own new label Paul Kalkbrenner Musik. About the album, he stated: "There won't be any singing on the album, no music of tomorrow either, it feels generally more like... well, old times".

The success didn’t stop there for Paul. In early 2006, German director Hannes Stöhr, decided to get in contact with Kalkbrenner. His idea was to produce a film about a Berlin techno musician during the new millennium, and Paul would compose the soundtrack. The two met, traded ideas and experiences. Soon after began working on the screenplay's first draft, Hannes had the realization that Paul should not just contribute the music, but that he would be the perfect choice as the film's star. Without hesitation, Paul accepted the offer. They decided to title the film BerlinCalling">Berlin Calling.

For the soundtrack's production, Paul and his friend Sascha Funke spent half a year in Aix-En-Provence in southernFrance. One song already had a title: "Sky and Sand" with vocals by brother Fritz Kalkbrenner. Upon Paul's return toBerlin in 2007, the filming began, and the finished work was brought to German theaters in October 2008. BerlinCalling and Paul's debut acting performance received positive reviews.
Artist: Paul Kalkbrenner
Tittle: Live @ Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava
Rls date: 07-04-2012
Genre: Techno, Minimal, Electronic
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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