Oscar Mulero Live @ Lowlands - Biddinghuizen (Netherlands) (18.08.2012)

One of Spain's premier techno DJs, Oscar Mulero is also an accomplished producer who founded his own label, Warm Up Recordings, and occasionally released music on prestigious techno labels including Theory Recordings and Tresor. Based in Madrid, Mulero got into music during the 1980s, initially British goth rock bands such as the Cure, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, and Fields of the Nephilim, followed later in the decade by electronic body music (EBM) acts such as Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and A Split Second. Around the turn of the decade, Mulero established himself as a popular techno DJ in Madrid, first as a resident at the New World club and then, more notably, as a resident at another pioneering Madrid techno club, the Omen. His style at the time was based upon Detroit techno (e.g., Underground Resistance) and the IDM sound of Warp Records (e.g., Aphex Twin), as well as the German hard trance of Harthouse (e.g., Hardfloor) and the ambient output of Fax +49 69/450464 (e.g., Pete Namlook); in time his style would fall more in line with the productions of Jeff Mills and Surgeon.

In 1996 Mulero performed at the third annual Sónar music festival in Barcelona, an honor that firmly established him as one of Spain's premier techno DJs. A mix album, About Discipline and Education, followed in 1998 for the Spanish label So Dens, and so did a lot of international DJ gigs. In 2000 Mulero founded Warm Up Recordings, and began releasing a series of 12" EPs including Medical Mesh (2000), Sans Souci (2000), Floodland (2001), Learning to Be a Machine (2002), CV Is Dead (2002), The Nine (2003), Pro-Files (2004), Art & Strategy (2004), 46 (2007), and Implant (2007). He later founded a subsidiary label, Pole Recordings, in 2004 and began releasing additional 12" EPs including The Damage Done (2004), Primary Instincts (2004), and El Silencio Habla (2005). Over the years Mulero also released his productions on a variety of other labels including Tsunami Records (Offshore, 2001; The Damage Done, Pt. 2, 2004), Theory Recordings (In Bad Company, 2002; Oblivion/Anaconda, 2002; Anaconda Remixes, 2004), and Tresor (Only Dead Fish Go with the Flow, 2007).
Artist: Oscar Mulero
Tittle: Live @ Lowlands - Biddinghuizen (Netherlands)
Rls date: 18-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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