On/Off - 8 Sided Dice Podcast #032 (29-08-2012)

“Yes, I’d like to sign this!” is the first reaction the nu-breed techno music duo ‘On/Off’ received from one of UK’s leading techno dj’s and producers Alan Fitzpatrick. The dangerously sounding “Ambush” is the main track of the first release by this new and exciting new DJ and live-act hailing from the Netherlands. Holland has been the breeding place for many internationally renowned techno artists such as Secret Cinema, Egbert, Steve Rachmad, Joris Voorn and Remy to name a few.
The sound that On/Off represents can simply be described as dance floor minded, throbbing techno music. Influenced and inspired by legends such as Dave Clarke, Carl Cox and Chris Liebing they began collaboration on various projects forging their own unique sound in the progress.
On stage, On/Off combine their own tracks and arrangements with catchy loops and a wide variety of soundscapes. Doing this live, it allows them to create something unique every time they perform. There is no clear set of rules, just inspiration of the moment and the people on the dancefloor.
“Ambush” and “Sticky Fingers” will be out soon on Fitzpatrick’s personal imprint ‘8 Sided Dice’, followed by another EP and remixes on Fone Audio. More releases are coming soon so watch this space!
Artist: On/Off 
Tittle: 8 Sided Dice Podcast #032 
Rls date: 29-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Woo York - Void (Truncate Mix)
02. ON/OFF - Remoot
03. ON/OFF - Circuit
04. ON/OFF - Bathtub
05. ON/OFF - Red Flag
05. Astronivo - Rost (Alberto Pascual Mix)
06. Mr. G - Pumped Up
07. Alan Fitzpatrick - The Showgirl
08. Timmo - Pan's Labyrinth
09. ON/OFF - Aker
10. Tim Xavier - Arco Della Devozione (Dub Version)
11. Mr Bizz - Underline
12. ROD- HGB & Hertz - In My Mind (acapella)
13. Psyk - L3
14. Psyk & Alberto Pascual - Ascent
15. ON/OFF - Sir Taki
16. Truncate - Bodega V2

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