Marcel Fengler - CLR Podcast #183 (27.08.2012)

It is Monday the 27th of August and we have Marcel Fengler, resident at Berlin´s Berghain club and restless Techno ambassador back on this week´s CLR Podcast. In Marcel’s world opposites attract. Ambient and electronica are equal parts in his sets that owe as much to the UK’s progressive school of relentless techno as they do to that special “Berghain sound” - a dictum created by music journalists and a description that is as diverging as the club’s resident DJs. Marcel has been a resident at Berghain from day one and has continuously helped to nurture and shape the incomparable vibe of this so-called “temple of boom”. He is known and respected for his hard and dynamic, but at the same time surprising and emotional sets with a very personal, human touch. A similar versatility can be found in his productions, which he is releasing on various renowned labels including the famous Ostgut Ton imprint as well as his own label IMF (Index Marcel Fengler). We hope you enjoy the present, exclusive studio mix by this passionate artist. If you would like to know more about Marcel Fengler, please visit the following sites: facebook soundcloud twitter ostgut booking
Artist: Marcel Fengler 
Tittle: CLR Podcast #183 
Rls date: 27.08.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01 Robert Hood – The Exodos – Music Man
02 VCMG – Aftermaths (Alva Noto Remix) – Mute
03 Exhaltics – The Wrong Direction – Creme Organisation
04 Peter van Hoesen – Decoder – TX2
05 Mark Broom – Vault 5 – OstgutTon
06 Fanon Flowers – A1 – Steel Works USA
07 Psyk – Main – Mote Evolver
08 Woo York – Void (Truncate Remix) – Mutex
09 Marcel Fengler – Frantic – Otsgut Ton
10 Patrick Gräser – From Foreign Territories – Ostgut Ton
11 Ralph Mirto – Caustic (Alex Bau Remix) – Nachtstrom
12 Oscar Mulero – Reverberation – Pole Group
13 Miller & Keane – Underwater Firework – Audiosculpture
14 Luke Slater – Freek Funk (Steve Bicknell Lost Mix) - Novamute
15 Paul Mac – Hotel Insomnia (Marcel Fengler Sleepless Remix) – EPM
16 Marcel Fengler – 6 In A Row – Ostgut Ton
17 Barker Baumecker – Spur – Ostgut Ton

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