Jeff Derringer - Droid Behavior D-Node Podcast #167 (02-08-2012)

Jeff Derringer is a producer and performer based in Chicago. As a producer, Jeff released a head-turning debut on New York's Subtrak label in August of 2010. The 'Principle' EP caught the attention of Ali Wells, label head at Perc Trax, who has gone on to release 3 of Jeff's EPs in the last year. Jeff's current 'Passenger' EP is out March 16th on Perc Trax with remixes by rising star Iori (Prologue | Okinawa). 
Jeff's music has been charted and supported by some of the best artists in underground techno, including Speedy J, Silent Servant, Chris Liebing, Peter Van Hoesen, Truncate, Lucy, Tommy Four Seven and many more. Jeff is currently putting the finishing touches on two new production projects, both to be announced soon.
Jeff is the founder and creative director of the Oktave project. As the curator of the Oktave events, Jeff has brought cutting edge techno artists and performers to both New York and Chicago for the last three years. Oktave guests have included the very finest of the techno underground: Cio D'or, Perc, Function, Lucy, Donato Dozzy, Silent Servant, Droid Behavior, Milton Bradley, Claro Intelecto, Samuli Kemppi, Edit Select, DVS1 and more.
Upcoming Oktave events include a Sandwell District showcase in Chicago and a Perc Trax showcase in New York. Jeff will tour with Perc through the United States this June, and will appear alongside the Droid Behavior collective at their DEMF Interface event.

Artist: Jeff Derringer 
Tittle: Droid Behavior D-Node Podcast #167 
Rls date: 02-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

M1 – The Black Dog (Soma)
In the Meadow Under the Stars – DJ Skirt (Horizontal Ground)
A – NX1 (Semantica)
Punto Kokous (Edit Select Remix) – Ness & Rasmus Hedlund (Informa)
Behind Me – Rebekah (Cult Figures)
Situational Ethics – Jeff Derringer (M_Rec)
Bass Mantra (Perc Remix) – The Black Dog (Dust Science)
White Light – Jerome Sydenham and Function (Ibadan)
Hyginus – Dino Sabatini (Prologue)
Here and Now (Jeff Derringer Remix) – Deadsound and Videohead (Perc Trax)
Deception (Edit Select Remix) – Raíz and Jeff Derringer (Electric Deluxe)
A Sky Full of Numbers – Milton Bradley (Do Not Resist the Beat)
A 003 – EQD (EQD)
Track 5 (Robert Hood Remix) – Tommy Four Seven (CLR)
Black Tea – Planetary Assault Systems (Ostgut Ton)
Disaffected – Function (Sandwell District)
Pulse Trader – Mike Parker (Prologue)
Tunnels (Dub Mix) – Edit Select and Dustin Zahn (Enemy)
In the Meadow Under the Stars – DJ Skirt (Horizontal Ground)
Terminal EMA – The Black Dog (Soma)

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