Inigo Kennedy - Token Records Podcast (28-08-2012)

Something about Inigo Kennedy:
Inigo Kennedy is a pioneering and respected techno and electronic music producer and DJ. He is well known for always bringing technical and creative originality and skill to his work. He is the owner of the innovative and genre defying label Asymmetric. He has also been responsible for a large and diverse back catalogue of releases on a wide variety of labels and projects around the World. His discography stretches to almost 100 releases on vinyl, CD and as MP3. His DJ schedule has taken him to all corners of the World.
Something about his techno beginings:
The beginnings of my studio, the acquisition of a Roland D-50 and Casio FZ-1 in 1994 and the assembly of a rudimentary home made mixer and filter unit lead to the start of techno production in earnest - and a seriously deep knowledge of how these machines could be used and misused. This period of production culminated in winning of the 1996 Fosters Ice Breaker for Techno on John Berry's Techno Show on Kiss 102 in Manchester, UK. Winning the Fosters Ice Breaker lead to my first release 'The Bond EP' in June 1996. A bright orange record that some people in Manchester at the time may have remembered appearing in their hands outside a few club nights.

With this confidence boost and foot-in-the-door behind me I began firing off material to Karl O'Connor (Regis) at Downwards and eventually this evolved into my first real opening when ZET, a now defunct sister label to Downwards, became home to my second release 'Automation Makers Art'. A release that went on to become something of a cult record - to the extent of being known as 'The Washing Machine' in Slovenia. A further EP and double pack were released on ZET before other projects took over and ZET, as it was, came to an end in 1998.
At around the same time a close friendship with Umek from Slovenia was sparked, since we were both working with ZET, and with his influence and several releases and collaborations on his label Expire I started on the way to what has become a very strong relationship with much of Central and Eastern Europe (and countless passport stamps). Umek and myself have, of course, since developed in quite different directions.
Support from and working with Karl (O'Connor), Pete (Sutton) and later Tony (Soares-Vierra) and Integrale Muzique continued and increased with the company handling many of my releases over a period of six or seven years when, finally, Integrale's doors closed in early 2003.
Artist: Inigo Kennedy 
Tittle: Token Records Podcast 
Rls date: 28-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source. WEB
Type: Set

Orphx – Preta Loka [sg1253]
Kangding Ray – Pruitt Igoe (Or Version) [rn123]
Inigo Kennedy – Spectre [token24]
The Fear Ratio – Skana [bp035]
Inigo Kennedy – Wonderhorse [token24]
Phase – Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process) [token20z]
Nil – Nil (Kazuya Kawakami Remix) [hhx02]
Go Hiyama – Fallingwater [token23]
Death Abyss – Come As The Reaper And Thus You Will Sow (Israel Vines Remix) [mak035]
Pär Grindvik – Lead [sthlmltd024]
Walker & Kennedy – Parity Function [inner004]
Samuli Kemppi – Vast [dsh001]
Ctrls – Social Vector [token22]
Cristian Vogel – Snakes In The Grass [strike137]
Cosmin TRG – Vertigo [50weapons019]
Dscrd – Graphene [sam012]
Shed – I Come By Night [50weaponscd008]
Phase – Binary Opposition (Inigo Kennedy Process) [token20z]
Death Abyss – Fill Your Heart With Hate [mak036]
Patrick Pulsinger – Construction Tool [db142cd]
Inigo Kennedy – Disquiet [semantica36]
Developer – Brujas (Donor Remix) [semantica39x]
Tommy Four Seven – Enki [sam013]
NX1 – DR (Paul Boex Remix) [dgr010]
Pfirter – Fractales [mt001]
Surgeon – As You Breathe Here Now [semantica50]
Rrose – A, With All Faces Bleached Out [sd20]
ADS – Transversal [avn003]
Paula Temple – Miyako [mtz007]
Inigo Kennedy – Shapeshifter [semantica36]
Inigo Kennedy – The Shard [token14]

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