Fatima Hajji Live @ Aquasella Festival 2012 (04-08-2012)

Fatima Hajji was born in Salamanca in 1982 and has taken part in different musical events since 1998. She has achieved a personal identity characterized by her skills, strength, power and references to her arab origins. Heavy and ethnic techno, together with very fast bpm-s make her a real dancing place braker. 
She has worked very hard. Her first gigs were played in Castilla y León, but later she performed in the rest of the country, important places such as TRESOR (Berlin- Germany), ROXY (Prague - Czech Rep.), HET ENTREPOT (Brugges - Belgium), TECHNOMACHINES (Caracas - Venezuela), 4km PARTY CENTER (Sofia - Bulgaria), SIMFONIJA (Planina, Slovenia), M47 (Sarand - Hungary), COSMO (Firenze - Italy), INT3RNO (Florencia - Italia), TWISTED (Napoles, Italia), FAVAL CLUB (Brno, Rep Checa), 114 CLUB (Oporto - Potugal), ALCANTARA MAR (Lisboa, Portugal), FLORIDA135, INDUSTRIAL COPERA, ISLA TORTUGA (TECNOLOVE), FABRIK - CODE-, ROW 14, GROOVE, RADICAL, AIXA GALIANA, LOKOTRON o MATTRIX; clubs such as Soma, Y..asta, Naru, Complot, Subterfugio... Besides, she has participated in various music festivals such as AWAKENINGS (Netherlands), MONEGROS , AQUASELLA, ELECTROSONIC, ELECTROBEACH, FRESH WEEKEND, ECO FESTIVAL (Slovenia), TECHNOLANDIA (Portugal), WOMAD, ELEKTRODO, TECHNOMEETING, MUSIBERIA ...
Her fresh and convincing musical selection, her refined skills and the excellent command of the crossfader help her to create sets full of energy and vitality. All these things have brought her to be part of the prestigious Phrenetic Agency. From 2011 she is includes at the great KNE DEEP Techno family.

Artist: Fatima Hajji
Tittle: Live @ Aquasella Festival 2012
Rls date: 04-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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