DeepChord - Invite's Choice Podcast #069 (27.08.2012)

This week with guest: DeepChord
This week another artist from Berlin on my show and one that I'm very thankful for. Both the artist and techno enthousiast within me are fans of DeepChord. His music is equally suitable for the livingroomand warming up the night when playing out. This is particularly remarkable when one realizes all DeepChord's music is made using only hardware, a rare and welcome sight in these days of digital production. 
His set for Invite's Choice isn't merely hardware, but still a great impression of what the DeepChord sound is. Combining his own material and that of a number of producers whose music I dig as well, DeepChord delivers an outstanding contribution to Invite's Choice
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Next week my Choice will be: Thomas Hessler

Artist: DeepChord 
Tittle: Invite's Choice Podcast #069 
Rls date: 27.08.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

01. Ocralab “Iridium (Dublicator Remix)” - Auditory Cortex Records
02. DeepChord “Alfama” - Soma Quality Recordings
03. S_N_D “00005 Re Vers On C” - Mille Plateaux Records
04. G-Man “Starlight” - i220 Recordings
05. Overcast Sound “Run” - Entropy Records
06. Morphosis “Too Far: Marcel Dettmann Definition 2” - Delsin
07. Taho “Energy Fields: Shed’s Ride Disturbance Mix” - Delsin
08. Delta Funktionen “Silhouette: Dettmann Remix” - Delsin
09. Rolando “Where Were You: Dub Mix” - Delsin
10. DeepChord “Aquatic” - Soma Quality Recordings
11. Pendle Coven “Chord Calculus” - Modern Love
12. Process “Untitled 1” - FatCat Records
13. DeepChord “Currents” - Unreleased
14. Chet “Urban Dharma” - Statik Entertainment
15. Moritz Von Oswald Trio “Club” - Honest Jon’s Records
16. Dimbiman “Lava” - PAL SL
17. Brtschitsch “Under” - Ostgut Ton
18. DeepChord “Cruising Towards Dawn: Night Mix” - Soma Quality Recordings

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