Complicit - Blank Code Podcast #069 (27-08-2012)

Complicit is an exploration of modern techno and an experiment in musical partnership for contributing members Tanya and Travis Norman. Longtime enthusiastic supporters of Minneapolis talent, the duo was looking for a way to translate that inspiration into a statement of their own. They found it by crafting a production and performance workflow running identical controllers manipulating a single system. The resulting symmetry and real time dynamics, a balancing act of duties divided by frequency range, are allowed to combine in unpredictable ways and evolve along a non-linear timeline, thereby insuring a unique mix at each event.
Early forays into performance have witnessed the duo making good their commitment to manifest a favorite Minneapolis slogan: “Keep Techno Sexy.” Whether contributing to the renowned Black nights at First Avenue or to intimate after hours events, the vibe has been sweaty, sultry, and designed for dancing. Fans who witness the extra level of communication evident in non-verbal cues dictating build up and release of the material realize quickly the strength of connection between the two musicians. Meanwhile, the improvisational aspects of the pair’s presentation translate to a potent in-the-moment awareness – one that spreads easily from performer to listener, enveloping each in a unified soundscape.
Artist: Complicit 
Tittle: Blank Code Podcast #069 
Rls date: 27-08-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Sigha - How To Disappear - Hotflush Recordings
Drumcell, Brian Sanhaji - Structure - CLR
Spark Taberner - Modern Family - Hidden Recordings
Complicit - 1stRush - Unreleased
Kyle Geiger - Pulse - Sleaze Records
Phase - Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process) - Token
Cabarete Groove - Tourette's Syndrome (2.4 Rework) - Silent Steps
Trus'me - In The Red (DVS1 Remix) - Prime Numbers
Raiz & Truncate - Mobility - Droid Recordings
Sone - Pick Sides (Complicit Remix) - Unreleased
Darko Esser - Slightly Disturbed (Sandwell District Remix) - Balans Records
Dave Avid - rwb (Complicit Remix) - Unreleased
Alex Bau - Summer in Moncton - CLR
Mutate - Circle 1 (Drumcell Remix) - Blank Code
Camea - Edge Forever - Minus12
JGarrett - Easy Play - Unreleased
Complicit - Edge Of The Earth - JQM Recordings
John Massey - Brothers Keeper - From 0-1
The Advent - Hybrid House (G-Flame Dub Mix) - H-Productions
John Massey - Cynical Memories (Jay Zoney Remix) - Subspec
Seth Troxler - Panic Stop Repeat (Paco Osuna Remix) - Spectral Sound
James Patrick - Adrenachrome - Nonpop Records
John Massey - Patchwork (Sone Remix) - Subspec
Pierre Deutschmann - Inside My Soul (Tim Schroeder Remix) - BluFin
Minilogue - Let Life Dance Thru You (Simon Wish Remix) - Traum
John Massey - Brutal Shores (Mike Gervais Remix) - From 0-1
DJ T. - Bateria (dOP Remix) - Get Physical Music
Tony Rohr - Slowburn (Dustin Zahn Remix) - Weave Music
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt - Pet The Ceiling - From 0-1
Marcel Dettmann - Shift (Norman Nodge Remix) - Ostgut Ton

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