Blake Baxter @ KMS 25 -Tribute to Detroit - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit (USA)(27-05-2012)

Something about Blake Baxter: Born in the Soul and Techno Mecca Detroit Michigan USA
Before artist from Detroit city got noticed worldwide for their electronic music sound 
As early as a teenager Blake Baxter was DJing all forms of dance music from Hip Hop and R&B, Reggae, dance hall, alternative rock to Dance music also working on his own productions in studios in Detroit and Chicago eventually Blake was signed to Chicago’s DJ international dance music record label at the time Blake was not a established artist and not from Chicago he was a kid in a candy store Blake loved the Chicago house music sound and was influenced by the Chicago house music scene 
As an artist Blake Baxter sound for Dj international was not traditional Chicago house music it was dark a combination of industrial sounds and acid house influences it was before the techno name sake and sound title was established in Detroit just before it’s recognition after a year of working in studios with DJ international Blake Baxter was introduced to Kevin Sounderson who at the time was starting up his own record label called KMS records soon after their introduction the label KMS records released an four tracks production by Blake Baxter on a ep vinyl 12 inch format produced by Blake Baxter this was Blake Baxter fist official release shortly after the KMS release DJ International released some of Blake Baxter music on their Dj international artist completions
After KMS release then came the first Detroit techno compilation the compilation that introduced the Detroit electronic music artist and their sound to the world on the virgin ten records on the compilation album Blake Baxter worked on four projects on the album following Virgin ten release Blake toured briefly in the UK with other artist from the album compilation after that back home in Detroit Blake Baxter then called by his colleagues the prince of techno started working with and releasing music on other Detroit labels such as Incognito records and Underground Resistance record label UR-06 titled the prince of techno 12 inch ep after the release of UR-06 Blake Baxter then toured in Germany and Europe with Underground Resistance member Jeff Mills
Then came Europe’s Rave since and festivals the electronic music drums and sounds became harder and faster tempos realizing this his love for the house sound and classic dance music Blake Baxter decided to try to introduce a fusion of the two releasing techno hard edge beats with his soft vocals style and Disko samples introducing a Tech house style at the time it was an unpopular decision to the hardcore ravers and techno fans and to the what was popular thru out Europe at that time it surprised people
Blake also refused a lot of festival appearances like Mayday in Germany when ask why 
Blake Baxter stated it’s become to soulless sounding I like human elements as well
It sounds cool but I cannot dance to it 
On the Tresor label Blake started producing more tech house style like (one more time) and 
(Brothers gonna work it out) calling the series Dream Sequence more of a dj sound tool and blue print for future tech house projects such as on the Disko B label (our luv) and the Ghetto brothers group project collaboration witch eventually lead to the major label projects on Logic records UK and RCA in the states since then the techno electronic music sound has evolved in to many other forms ranging from break beat, drum and bass, jungle, trip hop, trance, electro, dub step to minimal and tech house today the dance floor tempo has calmed down and the tech house style combination is an necessary tool for today’s dance floor and today’s electronic music Dj Blake Baxter a unmistakable sound and recognizable style and is undoubtedly a true contributor to the 1st wave sound of techno coming from Detroit and a big part of the electronic movement sound evolution
Blake project group and label (Poetry and Rhythm) (Mix Media) (Mix Records)
Blake Baxter style is spoken word and poetry mixed with electronic dance music poetic whispering some time humoristic Some times sexy always some thing to think about so it only make sense to call his Style poetry and rhythm after all that’s what it is….
Artist: Blake Baxter 
Tittle: @ KMS 25 -Tribute to Detroit - St. Andrews Hall - Detroit (USA)
Rls date: 27-05-2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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