Tim Xavier Live @ "Tony Rohr & Friends" at Ubar, Frankfurt (15.06.2012)

Behind the scenes Tim Xavier has made himself a great reputation as a mastering engineer doing mix-downs, digital and vinyl mastering for clients such as Wagon Repair, Spectral, Minus, and Clink. He has become an underground secret, a doctor of audio, and has had his hands on the output of many of our favorite artists. 
As a producer Tim's sound is admired, analyzed and followed, with a personal style that is overflowing with maturity and fluent simplicity. He is a techno Beethoven, deep, dark and emotional, and lets his tracks breath by manipulating a few simple ideas in each experience. 
Tim is most currently noted for his involvement as a main artist on one of the most fast-rising labels from America, Clink Recordings, and also works with Tony Rohr as the Afternoon Coffee Boys.

Artist: Tim Xavier
Tittle: Live @ "Tony Rohr & Friends" at Ubar - Frankfurt, Germany
Rls date: 15.06.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set


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