Naked Pilotz - Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast (18.07.2012)

Biography of Naked Pilotz: In the course of a surprise goodbye-party for Bernd, Wolfgang and Felix were responsible for the musical arrangements of the night. Without further ado a computer and an old 2-Channel Mixer were set up.

The NakedPilotz were born.

To that time nobody could imagine something "serious" were to follow quickly from this one gig. Driven by the passion for electronic music and the magical feeling to make people dance to the music coming from their "turntables", various first steps were made in the following years. Every free minute was used to try and test new ideas, to purchase first equipment, and to read and exchange news amongst one another. Time went by and in March 2008, after Bernd returned from his year abroad, the three were reunited. From then on, they almost met daily in Bernd's basement to practice and try out new things.

It took months until they were able to finally demonstrate their skills for the first time at the "Technotika und Sonic-Warrior DJ-Contest" on the 28th of August 2008 in the notorious Vinylbar in Frankfurt am Main.
Due to the lack of experience, a 2nd place was the result of months of work. This success, however, opened them the doors to several clubs in the Rhein-Main area. It was not long until their next gig in the "U60311" followed.

Since then they have constantly continued developing their sound. In search of the perfect setup they not only altered their equipment several times, but their sound continues to evolve so that today one can speak of a unique "Pilotz-Sound". Today they combine a 4-Deck-Play with many live elements into an impulsive sound, which, together with their distinctive outfits, will guarantee a special experience.

Artist: Naked Pilotz 
Tittle: Mastertraxx Underground Techno Podcast 
Rls date: 18.07.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Set

Niereich - Haarp (De Hessejung Remix)
Kai Randy Michel - Free Radicals (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Josh Bartoli, 2Loud - Inhertzia (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Thomas Mueller - Serious (A-Brothers Out Of Pity Remix)
Hystericmaniak - Her Brain (Q'le Remix)
Dorian Knox - Ground Zero (Gabeen Remix)
Oleg Mass & Alex Okrazo - Glitter (Stevie Wilson Remix)
Mike Maass - Streets Of Brooklyn (Michael Schwarz Remix)
Woo York - DubMode (Deh Noizer TOOL)
DJ Emerson - Brokery (Kalden Bess 7AM Remix)
Torsten Kanzler - Bumm (A-Brothers Remix)
Frankyeffe - Lethal (Niereich Distortion Edit) (Remix)
Ryuji Takeuchi - Bottom Of The Bottom (Pray For Japan Mix)
Tosi - Fos 012 (Original Mix)
Tom Eirh - Descent (Original Mix)

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