Heartthrob Live @ Harry Klein Club (27.07.2012)

Jesse Siminski, aka HEARTTHROB was born in 1976 in Northern Michigan. He discovered dance music through a musician father and relative who owned a record store. Early Prince, Kraftwerk's 'Tour de France' and Laid Back's 'White Horse' were three of Jesse's childhood favorites. As a teen in the early nineties, he discovered the Midwest Rave scene, traveling to Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Milwaukee to hear the unique sounds of the area. This is where he first hear and connected with the music of Richie Hawtin, Drop Bass Network and Communique Records-pioneer of minimal acid and techno. Their dynamic and challenging aesthetic had an impact. Shortly after Jesse became determined to make his own music and started collecting gear and records. In 1999 Jesse moved to New York City where he continued to experiment with music as well as contemporary art. New York's small minimal scene brought him to Magda and Troy Pierce, who would become friends and sources of inspiration (musical and otherwise). Shortly after, Richie Hawtin moved into the neighborhood and a friendship with the Minus family was established. The first public exposure of his music was during Magda's seminal DJ set at Mutek 2003.
Jesse uses his productions to explore the intersection where tradition and innovation cross as much as aesthetics and concepts. Where the ideal is function and entertainment as well as experimentation and emotion. This is best demonstrated on his 2008 album 'Dear Painter, Paint Me'.
Jesse now lives in Berlin and is working full-time on music production and live performance. He could be seen on tour with the Contakt show throughout 2008 and 2009 and has become an integral part of the Minus label family and aesthetic.

Artist: Heartthrob 
Tittle: Live @ Harry Klein Club
Rls date: 27.07.2012
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Type: Live set


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Picture by: Barbara Klein

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